10 Tricks to Help Your Face Look Younger

A youthful appearance will always be a beauty dream for many to hold onto as each new year rolls by. We all know that age does little for our appearance, but if you are desperate to look younger and put your best face forward everyday, try our 10 tricks to help your face look younger. And no – it doesn’t involve plastic surgery.

10 tricks to help your face look younger

1. Exfoliate. Tired and dry skin looks like tired, dry and aged. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes healthy skin.

2. Moisturize constantly and consistently. Keeping your skin hydrated is important because it keeps your skin at it’s optimal level, creating a perfect base for when you do apply a foundation or BB Cream.

3. Sheer is better than layering. Use a foundation that is sheer and lightweight. A heavy foundation will not camouflage wrinkles, only seep into the crevices making them look larger than they really are. Invest in a foundation that has a yellow tone as it will warm the skin. The warmer your skin appears to be, the younger you will look.

4. Sponge your concealer. It’s tempting to use your finger to roll on concealer under the eyes and problem areas on the skin. Don’t. Instead, dab some concealer onto a sponge and dab at the problem areas on your face.

5. Puff with translucent powder. Rather than over-layer your foundation with a tinted powder, add a translucent or lightweight powder as it will set your base foundation.

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6. Highlight bone structure. If you’re used to swiping your favourite blush over the apples of your cheeks, you need to stop pronto. As we age, we lose fat from our cheeks and it shifts downward. That depressing knowledge is our gain as it acts as a boundary to contour your blush/bronzer against. Brush along the highest point of your cheekbones to add contour and add shape to your face.

7. Shape your eyebrows. Rather than pluck yourself, head to a beautician to get the right shape for your face.

8. Add colour and body to your reshaped eyebrows with a brow pencil. Accentuated brows add definition to your face.

9. Curl and lengthen your eyelashes. As we age our eyelashes grow flatter and thinner. Curl those lashes to open the eyes for a youthful look. Extend your lashes using a lengthening mascara, not a thickening mascara. Heavy mascaras will flatten your lashes, but a lengthening mascara will open the eyes.

10. Nude is good. Our lips decrease in size as we age – especially the upper lip. It’s best to avoid deep reds and dark pigments as this will highlight thin lips. Instead opt for nude or berry shades as it will enhance your natural lip tone. Top your lips with a clear gloss or balm so your lips look full and hydrated.

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