16 Things You Didn’t Know Your Hair Dryer Could Do

The hair dryer is an appliance we use to dry and style our hair, but did you know the hair dryer can do more than just tend to your wet locks? Here are 16 things you didn’t know your hair dryer could do.

16 things you didn't know your hair dryer could do

1. Dry Stitches. Had a c-section and or a major operation where using a towel to dry yourself hurts too much? Use a hair dryer to dry yourself, just make sure you hold it far away so you don’t burn yourself with hot air.

2. Break in shoes. If you’ve bought new shoes that are a little too snug and need to be worn in, put on a pair of thick socks and step into your new shoes and blow-dry the tight areas for a couple of minutes. Walk around in your shoes as this will help loosen the leather while it’s warm.

3. Adjusts Glasses. If you wear glasses that are too tight or too loose, blow hot air from the hair dryer over the hooks for a minute. Gently adjust and bend the frames to tighten or loosen. Do the same on the other side.

4. Remove stubborn stickers. If you have stickers that are difficult to removed, blast it with 30-45 seconds of hot air and it will peel off.

5. Band-Aid Remover. Band-aids are a menace to take off and they can cause a lot of pain when they rip out your arm hair. Use the hair dryer on warm heat and the band-aid will peel off without causing any pain.

6. Removes Chewing Gum. If you have chewing gum stuck on your shoes or furniture – or heaven forbid, the carpet, use your hair dryer to soften the gum so it can be removed.

7. Inflate mattresses and inflatable toys. Use the cool setting on your hairdryer to pump air into your inflatables.

8. Curl your eyelashes by using an eyelash curler and blasting it with the hairdryer.

9. Cake Frosting. If you want your cake to look glossy, use a hair dryer to blow air over the icing to create a glossy finish.

10. Thaw Ice-cream. If your freezer has frozen your ice-cream rock hard, use a hair dryer to help the ice-cream become manageable to scoop out.
11. Shine shoes. Between polishing shoes, blast your shoes with hot air to keep them shining between coats.

12. Iron clothes. If you have crinkled clothes from travelling and there is no iron available, spray some water on your creases and use the hot air from the hair dryer to ‘iron’ the item.

13. Warm towels and blankets. Rather than invest in a towel warmer, use your hair dryer to warm your towel before you head into the shower. Use the hair dryer to warm blankets so you’re cosy in winter.

14. Melt off crayons on wall. If your child is a mini Picasso and has used crayons to draw on the walls, use a hairdryer to melt away the wax from the crayon.

15. Make artwork by attaching a row of colourful crayons to a blank canvas and use a hairdryer to melt the crayons to make a one-of-a- kind wall art piece.

16. Clean your keyboard. If you eat at your computer, you will find dust and food crumbs in your keyboard. Use a hair dryer to blast the particles out between your keyboard keys.

What other uses have you used your hairdryer for?


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