Move Over Man Bun, The Man Braid is IN


In the last couple of years we’ve been subject to male hair trends that have become a pun to many jokes on social media.

Last year the man bun was the hipster hair do that lifted our eyebrows and then we were introduced to the man bun fedora because men need hair accessories too, you know.

So brace yourself for the new men’s hair trend for 2016: the man braid.

man braid
Image via @sweeneytodd123


man braid
Image via @shanemichaelking


man braid
Image via @oxique

Men from all around the globe are sharing their man braid pics on social media and the look is getting mixed reactions. The hashstag #manbraid has over 8000 photos on Instagram which means it’s a fad that won’t being going away too soon.

Some comments of the new look have argued Native Americans have been practicing this hair trend for centuries. It’s no new trend, just a rehash of an old one.

man braid
Image via @bernardengall


man braid
Image via @cone_gonzalez_

No matter the reaction, we can at least agree that the man braid is better than the glitter beard.

Those that have embraced the trend have moulded the two trends together by attempting the man braid and man bun. Look out Mr Fashionista.

man braid and man bun
Image via @kurtmanthenhairdresser

What do you think of the new trend?

Which do you prefer, the man braid, man bun or none at all?


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