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Woman Shares Instagram Photo Of Herself In Underwear And Receives Hateful Comments

Twitter user @iranikanjari posted photos of herself in underwear and a top, and while some have posted hateful comments about her natural body hair, many have praised her for promoting a positive body image.


While both men and women are all for accepting different body sizes and shapes, it seems female body hair still remains a controversial topic. Showing your natural body hair is seen as a big no no in the beauty industry. Just think how much money and time we spend to rid our bodies of unwanted hair!


Not so for Twitter user @iranikanjari, who recently posted some revealing photos of herself in undies and a T-shirt showing her stomach and the natural body hair that a lot of women have naturally down there.
Cue the Twitter haters!  @iranikanjari’s photo prompted a lot of hate from people (especially women) telling her to get rid of the hair and that she should buy a razor. Someone even went as far as photoshopping the image for her minus the hair!

However there was also an outpouring of tweets in support of her natural body and the confidence she has to share it with the world. “Oh my god do you know how much confidence this gives me THANK you you’re beautiful,” one commenter writes, with others adding, “So mad I grew up ashamed of my body hair. We need more women like this that love themselves for young women to look up to,” “This is my goal, I want to be as confident as you with my body hair,” and my personal favourite, “lol these boys want a hairless mammal tell them to start looking for dolphins”.

What’s your view on body hair? Is it something to be embarrassed about or should we be accepting our bodies as they are?





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