20 Wedding Rings to Say I Do

If you want a unique wedding ring to say I do, look no further than these 20 styles that go beyond the simple wedding band of old.

  1. Matching Turquise Wedding Bands
matching wedding rings
$610 for the set from Staghead Designs

2. Together, you become one heart.

wedding rings
$472 from Cadi Jewellery

3. The Force is strong with this matching ring set.

wedding rings
His and Hers Star Wars ring set from Swank Metalsmithing $1365

4. Rings that screw together, stay together. The set also includes a diamond.

Wedding Rings
Sarah Jewelry STU $275

5. Hidden Message Wedding Band, so you love will always know you love them.

Wedding rings
Takhol Rings

6. Rings that answer a question and when put together, make sense.

wedding rings
Rings by Lawrence Customs, $58.07

7. Soundwave ring, recording a love message to your one and only.

wedding rings
Soundwave Wedding Band $375

8. The Projecting ring by Luke Jerram, is sadly not for sale. Still a fabulous ring for a wedding.

wedding rings
Portrait Projecting Ring

9. Moving gears ring, so you know your love will always move in the right direction.

wedding rings
Moving Gears ring by Kinekt Design $165

10. Mountain range rings. Because the future will have many mountains to climb together. The peaks and valleys interlock when together.

wedding rings
Interlocking Mountain Range rings by Firewhite, $128

11. Moonphase Ring. The face of this ring is an imprint of how the moon looked on the date you have chosen.

wedding rings
Moonphase Ring by Gemagenta $80.31

12. Matching Heart Fingerprint Inlay ring.

wedding rings
Brilliance Inlay Wedding Ring Set $1795

13. Inscribed initials on the outer rim.

wedding rings
CADI Jewelry $2004

14. The Illuminated ring which glows on the inside.

illuminated ring
Carbon Lume Ring $147

15. Heart Imprint ring and leaves a heart print on your skin when removed.

wedding ring
Vama Couture Designed ring $325

16. Hearts that meet together when the rings are stacked together.

wedding ring
USA Craft Seller $61.00

17. Fingerprint Engraved Rings, with your loves print on your ring and vice versa.

wedding ring
Larson Jewelers Fingerprint ring $500

18. Opposites attract with this Cherry Blossom ring. The larger band has the print inscribed inside and the small ring has the print on the outside and when put together the prints interlock.

wedding ring
Down to the wire designs $509

19. Braille engraved rings that can be personalized with your own message like “I love You.”

wedding ring
Anilani Braille Rings $151.00

20. Bass Clef Rings because music always sounds better with your love.

wedding ring
Anarshe $144.00



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