Bride Magazine Claims ‘You Don’t Need to Feed Your Photographer’

There has been an uproar in the wedding industry by a recent article published by Brides Magazine over who should be fed at a wedding. The post was written by Sandy Malone, a wedding planner, offering advice to ‘clear up a confusing subject matter for brides and grooms — which of your vendors are you responsible for feeding at your wedding festivities?’

Malone suggested as a general rule, wedding photographers didn’t require a meal – which sparked outrage from photographers whose sole earnings are from wedding photography.

Of course, Malone pointed out wedding planners required to be fed, but leaves photographers out of the reception bill.

“As for other vendors, my general rule is that, if you’re working just the wedding itself — five or six hours — feed yourself or pack a lunch to eat in the staff break area if you cannot survive the shift,” Malone writes. “A photographer, for example, should be taking pictures through the wedding dinner (with some breaks to let people unselfconsciously feed themselves without a camera in their faces).”

Malone encourages brides-to-be to check their contracts with vendors to see if meals were required as part of their contract.

Since the article was published, wedding photographers started a war of tweets against Brides magazine. Here’s just a sample of some of the responses on twitter:

Twitter Responsed Bride

Twitter Responses to Bride Magazine

These days, many couples are opting not to have a photographer and arranging a friend or family member to take pictures with a good camera.
If a couple do choose this method for their photography, it would be rude NOT to offer a meal as part of the wedding festivities.

The Brides article has since been removed from their website, but here is an archived version of the original article.


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