Floral Ice Bucket and Edible Flower Ice Cubes – Summer Wedding Ideas 2016

If you’re looking for a way to impress guests at your wedding this summer, why not make some edible floral ice buckets for the champagne and wine? The Buggy Blog shows how easy it is to create your own floral ice bucket with this tutorial here.

edible floral ice bucket
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As you can see the results are simply stunning. You can custom make your ice bucket using similar coloured flowers to your bouquet. Alternatively, to add some greenery, use herbs and roots for a rustic touch.

edible floral ice bucket summer wedding
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edible floral ice bucket
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The floral ice buckets add a personal touch to an intimate affair. Don’t expect the flowers to last from these buckets. They definitely add some wow to your wedding function though.

floral ice bucket summer wedding ideas

To make your own floral ice cubes, you need to use freshly picked edible flowers that are organic or pesticide free. Place the flower in distilled water in a silicone ice cube tray. The Tupperware ice cube trays are the best as they have a lid to stop the water from absorbing smells and tastes from the freezer. The easy silicone buttons ensure easy ice cube removal. For the tutorial on how to create your own floral ice cubes, head to The View from Great Island.

edible ice cubes with flowers
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edible rose ice cubes
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edible floral ice cubes
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