Is this the BEST Groomsmen Dance EVER?

Is this the best groomsmen dance ever? Valerie Tellmann-Henning a ballerina from the Richmond ballet had hinted to her fiancé Kirk, a professional dancer, about organizing his groomsmen to do a dance at their wedding, but Kirk fobbed her requests off by saying he was too busy with touring and school.

Valerie got the biggest surprise when Kirk and his groomsmen pulled off the best dance ever at their wedding reception.


The dance took 4 months of planning and sending out tutorial videos to his groomsmen so that they could pull off the ultimate groomsmen dance at the 25th July Wedding.

Only 4 of the groomsmen were professional dancers. Valerie’s brother who was also part of the dance had one rehearsal before the wedding and is known by his sister to have ‘two left feet’.

Kirk knew how important it was to Valerie to do the dance and told Richmond Times Despatch, ‘I knew how important it was to her. So I figured, we’re going to do this or die trying.’

The guests and the bride were blown away by the surprise. It’s hard to believe only half the groomsmen were professional dancers.



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