The Pros and Cons of Having a Backyard Wedding

The idea of a backyard wedding used to be dismissed as a cheapskate way to hold a wedding, but there are many advantages to holding your special day in the backyard. The reasons may just change your mind as you research for the perfect place to get hitched.

Of course while there are a few good reasons to hold your wedding in the backyard, there are a few reasons why NOT to have your wedding at home or at the property of someone else. Read through the pros and cons of having a backyard wedding before you decide on your venue.

pros and cons of a backyard wedding

The pros of having a backyard wedding

1. You will save money. There is no need to hire a venue or pay the security fee on a location should you decide to get married in your backyard. There will the be the costs of hiring tables, chairs and décor. You may even choose to hire a wedding stylist to turn your backyard into a romantic scene, but the costs of these would never add up to the cost of holding your wedding at a venue.

backyard wedding chair hire

2. You’re not limited to a certain date. Having a backyard wedding means you can choose whatever day you want to get married. No need to compete with other brides. Knowing what the weather is like in your town can also help you pick the perfect day. You might avoid certain months that are known to be really hot or rainy and wet.

backyard wedding styling

3. Style it how you like it. Some venues will have rules on what you can and can’t do style wise, but if you have your wedding in your backyard there are no rules. Well apart from your local council rules which you should check out if you are planning to do something extravagant. You will have access to your yard whenever you like to organise last minute changes or styling touches.

backyard wedding styling

4. You will feel comfortable. Every bride knows that being nervous is a normal feeling to deal with on the morning of her wedding. Having a backyard can slightly calm those nerves as you’re familiar with the setting. Best of all, you will have sentimental memories every time you walk into your backyard.

comfortable setting at a backyard wedding

5. It forces you to limit numbers. Culling the guest list can be stressful, but if your backyard can only accommodate so many guests, having a backyard wedding will force you to keep the numbers down. If you don’t have a lot of people to invite to your special day, a backyard wedding will keep the setting intimate, yet full with those closest to you.

The cons of having a backyard wedding

1. Unless you can afford a wedding organizer, essentially all the preparations will be UP TO YOU. As dreamy as it sounds being in control of every single aspect of your wedding, you will be exhausted and you may not get to enjoy that special day because you’re responsible for everything.

backyard wedding blues

2. If you have a big guest list and can’t cull the list, you won’t be able to fit all the guests that you wish to experience your special day.

3. Clean Up Duty. Once the wedding is over, it will be up to you and your new hubby to clean up the mess – or if you have generous family and friends, up to them to clean up your event. Having your wedding at a venue means they clean and pack up, so you can head off to your honeymoon.

clean up backyard wedding

4. You can’t revisit your wedding location should the property be sold further down the track. Some couples love to visit their wedding location for sentimental sake, or to show their kids the location of where they got married. Holding your wedding at a venue means you can visit it again – or even book a special anniversary lunch at the reception location.

5. Limited Photo Backdrops. Backyards don’t always off the best backdrops for the wedding photos. If you dream of stunning scenery for your wedding photos, a backyard wedding may not cut it. Of course you can drive elsewhere to get your photos and then come back to your guests, as most couples do if the venue doesn’t offer great photo opportunities.

6. Noise restrictions. If you choose to party on in the night, there may be noise restrictions you will need to abide by in your area. Having the police show up to disembark the reception party will dampen the mood of the night. Having said that, it will definitely be a talking point later on.

7. It won’t feel as special. If you’ve been playing in that backyard since a child, you may want to remember that backyard as a childhood memory rather than the place you got married.

8. An alternative wedding venue, should the weather change, may be hard to organise at the last minute when holding it in your backyard. At least if you hold your reception at a venue, the wedding ceremony can take place at the reception or an alternative wet weather location.

9. Litigation is big deal when it comes to weddings. What happens if a bridesmaid walks down the wobbly path and breaks her ankle? Sounds dramatic and highly unlikely, but it’s important to understand the safety issues of holding your wedding in a backyard and having the right insurance to cover any such accidents. Check that your home has the right building and contents insurance should you decide to hold a big wedding in your backyard.

If you choose to have a backyard wedding, there is no doubt that it can be a charming and romantic setting. Most of the cons can be worked around if it truly is the type of wedding you’ve dreamed about.

Where did you get married? Can you share a backyard wedding success story? We’d love to heart it.

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