Wedding Casual: Go Home to Go Big

Wedding photos are some of the most important photos you’ll ever take or pose for. Unfortunately, that means too many brides and grooms act like it, and their wedding day photos are stiff, formal things that look kind of like the photos you find as a placeholder in a brand new photo frame. While a super formal and serious set of wedding photos can be beautiful, they can also lack a bit of personality.

On the other hand, trying to have a bunch of ‘fun’ photos for your wedding can also go way, way wrong if you’re not totally comfortable in front of the camera. Silly poses can lo0k stiff and awkward because that discomfort comes through. Any photographer will tell you that an unhappy and awkward subject makes for unhappy and awkward photos, no matter how many silly props you give them or crazy poses you put them in.

The secret to getting great fun, casual wedding photos? Head home.

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Wedding Casual – The Childhood Bedroom

Here’s a place to start: Head back to the bride’s and groom’s old childhood bedrooms. Wedding casual doesn’t have to be all about the ceremony and the reception – get those quirky, fun photos of the bride and groom and wedding party at the house while everyone’s getting ready. And no one’s more comfortable than when they’re in the room they grew up in, surrounded by their old childhood memories. A few ideas for the bedroom:

  • The bride and bridesmaids in full dress jumping on her bed like they’re at a sleepover.
  • The groom and groomsmen in his old room playing video games and jumping around.
  • Everyone in their full wedding dress on the floor, playing board games.

The secret is to dress everyone up for the wedding then just let them relax and enjoy themselves, and you’ll get some truly amazing fun, casual photos.

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Wedding Casual – The Backyard

Taking photos at the bride’s and groom’s family homes doesn’t have to be relegated to the inside, either. Some awesome wedding casual photos can be created in the backyard, too, if the weather cooperates. Think about all the fun times families have in their backyards and how you can recreate those scenes for the wedding photos. A few quick ideas:

  • The groomsmen and groom playing a game of backyard cricket in their suits.
  • A barbeque, complete with picnic table, folding chairs and the groom holding the tongs.
  • Recreate a backyard camping experience with the tent and torches.

Making your subjects comfortable is always the biggest challenge, and bringing them back to their old stomping grounds not only achieves that it also gives you plenty of material to work with, plenty of props on hand that have the extra benefit of being meaningful to the bride and groom (and possibly their wedding party if they’re old childhood friends).

Best of all, the photos you take at the house will be one hundred percent individual and unique, because they’ll be drawing on the specific details of the lives the bride and groom lived before meeting each other – followed by photos of their special day turning those lives into one.

Mutter und Tochter grillen zusammen

Are you looking for wedding casual photos? What’s important to you about photos on your wedding day? Will you be traditional or casual?

This article was kindly written by Stacey from Canvas On-Line Printers. Stacey is a busy Mum of one and the content manager for Canvas Printers Online, a website that makes it easy and affordable to create beautiful canvas art from your photos. Stacey has always had a keen interest in both photography and interior design, and enjoys blending these skills to help customers capture unique wedding shots that can be transformed into amazing canvas prints. Don’t let your memories fade away once the big day is over – free your photos from their dusty frames and immortalise your precious moments with a big, bold, personalised print for your walls.
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