Weird and Wonderful Places To Get Married

Weddings are such a special time. Getting married is a chance to show your family and friends the unique and special relationship you and your partner have. But it seems that everyone has very different ideas about what’s unique and special! More and more couples are choosing to say ‘I do’ in the most weird and wonderful places… think glaciers, shark tanks, fast food restaurants (even in nudist colonies!). Let’s take a look at some of the most out-there places to get married…

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Places To Get Married : In A Cave

If you’re freaked out by bats, then this option is not for you! If you’re scared of being underground, then steer clear of this wedding venue. BUT if you’re after a super spooky wedding from the depths of the earth, then totally book in a cave wedding. Underground. In a small space. With bats flying around…. EEEK!

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Places To Get Married : On A Glacier

Brrrrr! If you’re after the perfect excuse to wear a fur shawl to your wedding, then why not say ‘I do’ on a glacier. Sure it’s cold, but your love will keep you warm, right!? (Check out the feature on how to keep the bride warm for this one).

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Places To Get Married : In The Air

For the adrenalin junkies out there, why not get married while bungee jumping, abseiling or hang gliding. Just remember to say those two important words as you’re hurtling through the sky – you’d hate to go to all that effort for nothing.

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Places To Get Married : At Maccas

Look, I love a Happy Meal as much as the next person, but come on… really!? McDonalds is not only the best place to go for a McFlurry, it’s also a hip and happening wedding venue. Hey, at least the catering wouldn’t break the bank. Free Sprite’s for everyone!

McDonalds Wedding
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Places To Get Married : Under The Water

Why not get married under the sea in a shark tank with our little finned friends as witnesses? All going well, you’ll end up surfacing from the water, married, dripping wet and hopefully still in one piece.

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Places To Get Married : On A Roller Coaster

Now this option would be no good for those of us who get motion-sick (or are scared of heights!), but a roller coaster wedding is sure to kick married life off on an super adrenalin charged journey. Just make sure you don’t vomit when you get off the ride. Nobody likes scraping vomit from a white wedding dress or super-sharp tux.

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Place To Get Married : On A Pirate Ship

Rather than screaming ‘weeeeee’ as the pirate ship swings up and down, scream ‘I dooooo’. This would make for a truly memorable wedding – especially if you dressed up in pirate costumes.

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In The Nude

Look you’d certainly save money on suits and a wedding dress by getting married in a nudist colony! Just make sure it’s a nice warm day. And perhaps get a spray tan first?

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Have you gained some inspiration? What would be your idea of a weird and wonderful wedding location? Have you HAD a wedding at an unusual venue?

What’s the weirdest and most wonderful wedding venue you’ve ever heard of?


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