Powder Blue Winter Wedding Ideas

Time to kick off the blues and turn them into powder blue inspirations this winter. It’s not just limited to this time of the year and it is definitely a pretty colour, good enough to go on our favorite winter palette. So here are some powder blue winter wedding ideas to stimulate your senses.
Image courtesy of www.elizabethannedesigns.com
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

First off, don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful wedding invitation. It can tie your wedding together and it will give your guests an idea of what to expect on the day. Go for intricate borders or add calligraphy for that simple yet formal feel.

Images courtesy of www.iloveswmag.com and www.cecinewyork.com
Images courtesy of (top) iloveswmag.com & cecinewyork.com

There are two things that you need to remember for your wedding dress this season: beautiful and warm. Nobody wants a shivering bride, right? Stay away from the usual white and try a powder blue dress for that soft contrast against the cold.

Opt to use plenty of layers of fabric, like tulle, to add a nice flair and keep you warm at the same time. You can also consider adding lace applique to your dress or silver pearls if you like to have that snowflake effect.

Images courtesy of (top) www.polkadotbride.com,  www.stylemepretty.com, and (left) www.weddinginspiransi.com
Images courtesy of (top) polkadotbride.com, stylemepretty.com, & (left) weddinginspirasi.com

The best part about getting married in winter is you have a reason to buy that glamorous (faux) fur or jacket you’ve always wanted. Put that on and you’re sure to be cozy AND beautiful!

Images courtesy of (top) ww.burnettsboard.com,  (left) www.weddingchicks.com and Shady Zeineldine Couture
Images courtesy of (top) burnettsboard.com, (left) weddingchicks.com & Shady Zeineldine Couture

Now that you’re nice and warm, make sure your bridal party is not cold either. Have your bridesmaids wear floor length gowns and warm up with accessories like faux fur, colored shawls or even cute boots.

Images courtesy of (top) www.bridesofadelaide.com.au, www.colincowieweddings.com and (right) www.
Images courtesy of (top) bridesofadelaide.com.au, colincowieweddings.com & (right) lovethisdayevents.com

Remember to bring warmth to your wedding décor as well. Yarn balls, rugs, candles and even cotton balls are just a few of the winter wedding ideas suitable for your table. Create a backdrop with the same elements. String lights down from the ceiling for a grand entrance, and instant wow effect.

Images courtesy of (top) www.oncewed.com, (right) www.stylemepretty.com and www.pinterest.com
Images courtesy of (top) oncewed.com, (right) stylemepretty.com & pinterest.com
Image courtesy of www.styleunveiled.com
Image courtesy of www.styleunveiled.com
Image courtesy of www.ruffledblog.com
Image courtesy of www.ruffledblog.com

Finally, treat your guests to some pastel sweets and, of course, let them eat a blue cake! Your wedding cake is one of the elements that can convey your wedding color palette. Use it as the main attraction on your dessert table and add cupcakes or macarons in complimentary colors.

Images courtesy of (top left) www.heythere-cupcake.com, (top right) www.andreadozier.com, (bot. left) www.marthastewartweddings.com, (bot. right) www.weddingmania.com
Images courtesy of (top l) heythere-cupcake.com, (top r) andreadozier.com, (bot. l) marthastewartweddings.com, (bot. r) weddingmania.com
Images courtesy of www.katieparra.com, (top) www.theprettyblog.com and www.rufflesandbells.com.au
Images courtesy of katieparra.com, (top) theprettyblog.com & rufflesandbells.com.au

Are you loving this color as much as we do? Are you planning a powder blue wedding? What type of winter wedding ideas are you looking for?

If you are planning a winter wedding then see the article on beautiful ways to keep a bride warm, also here on Stylehunter Collective.

(the original article on powder blue wedding ideas appeared on Stylehunterbride.com.au, and was written by Eliska Lam)


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