Beauty Trend Alert: Dark Berry Lips

If you have a hint of dark chocolate on your lips this weekend, you may find that you are following a beauty trend without really trying.

Dark Berry Lips are the must have look on the red carpet and celebrities like Katy Perry and Naomi Watts are joining the crowd with this new beauty trend.

Dark Berry lipstick is a difficult tone to pull off. If you have a warm complexion, a dark brownish tone will suit, but if you suit cooler colours, opt for a blue undertone.

Katy Perry at
Katy Perry at the premiere of her own movie in LA. Image courtesy of Getty


Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts at the 87th Annual Academy Awards. Image courtesy of Getty


Rihanna at the movie premiere of “Home” in California. Image courtesy of Getty


Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne at the March Premier of movie ‘Spy’. Image courtesy of Getty


Jesinta Campbell
Jesinta Campbell at the David Jones Elizabeth St Store for the Crown Autumn Ladies’ lunch. Image courtesy of Getty


If you want lipstick application tips, why not check out our post on lipstick hacks?

Do you like a darker lipstick? Can you recommend your favourite tone?



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