Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Unveils 2015 Gift Guide- $46,000 Hermes Mah-Jong Set Anyone?

Gwyneth Paltrow is not doing herself any favours lately. She is constantly being criticised for her unrealistic posts on her website/blog GOOP. Paltrow frequently posts unrealistic stories that don’t resonate with the everyday woman and mum. From elaborate meal preparations to hosting a kid’s party that will set you back tens of thousands of dollars. It’s crystal clear Paltrow is not speaking to the everyday person. Actually I’m not really sure who she’s speaking to other than Gina Reinhart!

Gwyneth in a shawl made from kale-eating virgin llamas

Her latest post features the annual holiday gift guide. Under the “Ridiculous (And Awesome)” section there are a whole array of outrageously priced items. “While there’s no lack of over-the-top indulgences this time of year (18-karat gold dumbbells, anyone?), this gift guide isn’t just about crazy extravagances,” the editors write. “There’s a little ridiculous for every budget.”

See for yourself, here are some of the over-the-top priced gifts for that billionaire in all our lives:

Neiman Marcus, $90,000
“We don’t know how it works,” the Goop team admits. “But we want it.” This gift offered by Neiman Marcus is part of an adventure that will kick off in 2016 beginning at the celeb-beloved Miraval Resort in Tucson, Ariz.
Six gift recipients will spend their days touring Biosphere 2 with the CEO of World View, Jane Poynter. The following year, the group will experience “360° views of Earth as a high-altitude balloon lifts your luxury pressurized capsule 100,000 feet above our planet.”

Joseph’s Toiletries, $956
The Goop team describes these toiletries — The Standard for Josephier — as “the gold-standard of toilet paper — for the friend who truly has it all.” However, those who don’t enjoy frequent stops to pick up toilet paper will be pleased to know that the “standard” package includes a nine-month supply of tissue packets, gentle cleansing care, and more amenities. For that price I expect someone there to wipe for me!

Wallpaper Store, $244
This Cedes Milano toothpaste squeezer is “better than a chip clip,” according to Goop. The gift item is a brass device plated in chrome, and what better than the fact that it adds a “touch of class” to bathrooms everywhere. Perfect for those who are too lazy to squeeze their own damn tubes!

Canoe, $42
This piece is for the high-tech folks out there. “Serious design,” the Goop team captions the item. “For taking safe sex seriously.” Seriously? We need these in a dispenser? How much sex are we having that we need them fixed to a wall?


The Darwin Sect, $1,621.27
The Goop team describes this illuminated, domed fish tank as “unapologetically awesome.” Yes, you should be apologising because a jellyfish is not a PET!


Hermes, $46,000
This luxury item offered by the French fashion house already has a crowd of fans. According to Goop, “There’s a waiting list.” I’m sure Anna Wintour is top of that list!
People are quick to say that GOOP is a website dedicated to the high rollers of the world, however Paltrow is quick to shut that perception down.  The mom of two said that Goop is for a range of readers. “I think in the beginning people thought that we were a really expensive website, but there is something at every price point,” she added. “We sell what we love and what we are looking for and what we want to buy and that might be a Stella McCartney skirt that’s on the higher end of the price point range and it might be an $8 lip balm, it might be a $15 T-shirt.”

Sure thing Gwynnie- I’m ordering my toilet paper for you now. Where should I send it?


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