ShelfPack – The Suitcase With Shelves

If you’re a messy suitcase packer, or you’re after a system that keeps your clothes neatly folded into sections (so you know which outfit to wear each day of course!), you will love the ShelfPack.

The ShelfPack

ShelfPack is a suitcase that has built-in shelves and can double as a portable drawer unit. The suitcase is designed for checked in baggage only and is specific ally aimed at travelers who like to be organized and require wrinkle-free clothes on their trips.

The shelves stack vertically when the suitcase is laid flat (on the bed or floor), and inside the bottom and top of the suitcase (when standing up) are collapsible poles that can be pulled up to support the shelves.

The ShelfPack is a standard size suitcase 66cm x 46cm x 35cm. The suitcase also has three outer pockets that are perfect for toiletries or smalls. The shelves are easily accessible while travelling.

Ken McKaba was the designer behind the suitcase, a US-based software engineer who dreamed about a suitcase that made it easy for travelers to find a shirt rather than sift through their packed clothes.

Despite the simple and unique design, the suitcase comes at a hefty $350US and at this stage doesn’t ship to Australia.

Are you a messy suitcase packer? Would the ShelfPack help you with your packing style?


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