10 Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid of Immediately

Keeping a neat and organised wardrobe can be hard to maintain if your wardrobe is cluttered. If you research ways to cull your wardrobe, there are millions of articles on how to downsize the amount of clothes in your closet. The Konmari method of decluttering is a popular one that will ensure you have clothes that spark joy when you wear them. But if you still need help to get rid of the skeleton pieces lurking in the closet that you’ve kept because of any number of joyful reasons, here are 10 items of clothing you should get rid of immediately.

10 items to remove from your wardrobe immediately
1. Stained clothes. If the Napisan or lemon oil hasn’t lifted that stain, consider that item a new rag for cleaning. It shouldn’t be hanging in your wardrobe.

wardrobe decluttering
2. Ripped and Holey. Unless it’s your denim like distressed jeans and shorts. Anything that has holes or rips needs to be binned asap.

holey clothes
3. Ill fitting. Clothes that are too small or too big need to be donated to charity or a friend. Don’t let your wardrobe live in the past or the future. Keep it stocked with clothes you’ll wear in the present.

tight fitting clothes removed immediately
4. Sentimental pieces. Still have that skirt your now husband noticed you in when you first met? Or the dress that you wore to your first date? Get it out of your wardrobe. You don’t live in the past and neither should your wardrobe.

sentimental clothes
5. Never worn. Have you got clothes that still have tags attached that you’ve never worn? Sell them online and use the cash to buy something new that you will wear.

clothes with tags
6. Hardly Ever Wear. Sell or donate those clothes that you’ve worn once and will never wear again. No point holding onto clothes that have a lost cause.

7. Same Same But Different. Found a dress that you LOVED and bought it in every colour or pattern combination available? It’s time to cull and keep the one you love wearing the most.

10 types of clothing to get rid of immediately
8. Old Uniforms. Did you used to work in a place that provided you a uniform that you no longer wear or need? Check the company policy but these uniforms may need to be returned OR disposed of. Don’t donate or sell these to the general public.

9. Old Trends. Remember when big shoulders were a trend 6 years ago? Sill holding onto those tops for when they come back in fashion? Don’t assume what the future will hold in fashion. Cull immediately.

10. Comfy Womfy. These clothes are the ones you wear at home when no one is watching. They’re the clothes you hope no one will see you in. Comfortable clothes can look cool, so get rid of the uglies. You’ll never have to fear unexpected guests again.

comfy womfy clothes
Image via Darla Hueske


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