8 Items to Add to Your Workwear Wardrobe

If you’re a little sad to be swapping your kaftan for a suit when heading back to work, why not by inspired by these easy, corporate outfits?  If you can’t afford to buy a new capsule wardrobe of workwear, no problem! We’ve found 8 items to add to your workwear wardrobe so you can kick the motivation work slump to the curb.

8 items to add to your workwear wardrobe

The best part of having monochromatic workwear items, is everything can be worn with each other which means you have more outfit combinations so you don’t feel bored with your corporate look. It’s with these colours in mind that we’ve sourced items that will work with what you may already own in your wardrobe.

1. The stripe blouse. It’s classy and chic and looks fabulous with black or white pants.

stripe shirt worn to work
Image source


ASOS Cropped Striped Shirt
Boohoo Cropped Strip Shirt $36


2. Midi Skirt. Not everyone suits this style of skirt, but for those that can, this skirt is a summer workwear essential. And oh so feminine too.

Portmans Midi Skirt
Portmans Must Have Midi Skirt $79.95


3. A white blazer lifts any corporate outfit and can be paired back with jeans for a smart casual look. Fall in love with it’s versatility. You will love wearing one this summer.

white blazer for work
Image Source
white blazer
River Ponte White Blazer $69.95


4. Stripe Pants make a plain white shirt look even more stylish.

stripe pants
Image via the Stylish Wife


Stripe pants for work
ASOS First and I Stripe Pants $47

5. Culottes. Love them or hate them, these cropped pants are here to stay for summer 2016. Tuck your shirt in for a slim silhouette and always wear with high heels.


cropped culottes
Katies Crop Graphic Pant $59.95


6. A shirt dress makes corporate dressing easy.

Shirt Dress
Image via Birdsnest


Shirt Dress
Belle Bird Check Shirt Dress $129

7. A tote bag is essentialy for carrying lunch, iPad and personal items.

Tony Bianco Work Tote
Tony Bianco Wallis Tote $79.96


8. Heels will always be a favourite choice for the office, but why not opt for a classy flat shoe to give your feet some respite.

flats for work
Mollini Okafor Black Flat Shoe $99.95




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