Psstt…here’s a beauty secret for you

If your eyes are the door to your soul then surely the eyebrows must be the guarding angels. The shape, colour and density of your eyebrows is one of the most important beauty elements to get right, with astonishing results.

So why is it such a beauty secret? To answer some important questions around eyebrows, and to reveal the greatest beauty secret of all, I asked celebrity eyebrow expert, Carmen Duma, from aptly named ‘The Eyebrow Queen’.


Why is caring for/styling our eyebrows so important?
A good eyebrow shape can enhance ones facial features by creating symmetry and balance. As eyes are usually the first focal point on a person’s face, it’s important to groom brows for a polished and glamorous first impression. Creating an arch and establishing a bold shape is a great way to accessorise and frame the face.

What is the biggest mistake you see people making with their brows?
Thin over-plucked brows! Although this trend was a big hit in the 90’s, thankfully we’ve outgrown this look (quite literally!) in place of thicker, defined and more natural-looking brows. Contrary to popular belief, thin brows can actually age a face and add years, while thicker and bolder brows can make a face look fresher and more youthful.

There are so many ways to shape your brows such as trimming, plucking, waxing and threading etc – which do you recommend?
At The Eyebrow Queen, we offer a unique and personalised approach to brow shaping and grooming. As no two brows are the same, we use the natural brow bone to dictate shape through a combination of waxing, trimming and plucking for a more defined look. For clients who want to make a bolder statement, or give the illusion of thicker brows, we also provide a range of tinting options.

What are the three must have brow products?
As a general rule, no brow-conscious beauty should leave home without a pencil, brow brush, brow gel and/or brow powder – all ingredients for the perfect brows!

The Eyebrow Queen client, Margot Robbie
The Eyebrow Queen client, Margot Robbie

The look for the season is natural looking thicker brows – what’s the best way to achieve this?
Thicker brows are a great way to compliment the face and achieve a youthful and more refreshed appearance. I often advise my clients to gently brush the brows out and up (away from the center of the face) and use a pencil or powder to fill in any unwanted gaps of sparse areas. Less is more when it comes to a natural-looking brows, so avoid over-plucking and always speak to a professional when it comes to finding the right brow shape for you.

The Eyebrow Queen client, Natalie Bassingthwaighte
The Eyebrow Queen client, Natalie Bassingthwaighte

You look after the brows of an impressive list of celebrities – who would you love to work with?

The Eyebrow Queen is privileged to work with a number of beautiful celebrity clients, including Margot Robbie, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Lauren Phillips, to name a few! What makes us Australia’s leading salon is our detailed and personalised approach to brow shaping and grooming. We create the perfect natural shape and help clients achieve a more fuller look through our range of specialised brow techniques. Although we represent a range of talented individuals, we do have a soft spot for brow grooming virgins – nothing compares to the look on a client’s face when they see their newly perfected brows for the very first time!

The Eyebrow Queen client, Lauren Phillips
The Eyebrow Queen client, Lauren Phillips

Such a simple beauty secret. Are you an eyebrow queen? Do you have eyebrows that you love? Have you ever had an eyebrow ‘accident’?

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