Pop Up or Pop In: It’s All Good with Jack Daniel’s Honey

jack daniels honey
It was a crisp autumn evening and the sun was elegantly setting behind double-storey heritage buildings when the buzz in the air started to gain vibrancy. ‘Four Doors Plus One’ had become a pop-up venue for two hours of fashion, friends and Jack Daniel’s Honey.

Excited women were beginning to arrive not knowing what to expect from their VIP Styleswarm invitations to a pop-up bar. The scent of honey filled the air from beeswax candles strategically placed along wooden crate shelving, the recycled bar, wine barrel tables and 60’s vintage furniture.

Bar staff, who wouldn’t look out of place in Mumford & Sons, were studiously preparing the first drinks of the evening – Bee Stings served in high-balls. Very chic!

For the first time, 50 young women were about to have their inaugural taste of Jack Honey. Served over ice with a lemon zest, the Bee Sting cocktail of Jack Daniel’s Honey, the juice from a fresh granny smith apple and Bundaberg ginger beer was a hit – and set the tone for the rest of the evening.


Stunning finger food, some deliciously finished with Jack Daniel’s Honey, was served as guests mingled, checked out the pop-up vendors, grooved to the DJ or lounged in 60s’ sofas. The vibe was relaxed, convivial and downright chilled…in a real good way.

The Bee Sting was followed by a tantalizing mix of Jack Daniel’s Honey, Chambord, lemon juice, agave syrup and raspberries with mint garnish; yup, it was a Honey Berry Smash alright.

For those who has never tasted Jack Daniel’s Honey – which was the whole room – the surprised yet delighted faces said everything – “This is a cocktail I can totally drink” and “Wow, not too sweet not too sour, just perfect…and refreshing”.

And to top off an enchanted evening, Honey Espresso. A seriously grown-up cocktail of Jack Daniel’s Honey, Tuaca, fresh espresso coffee and agave nectar, served in a martini glass. Some Espresso martini veterans said it was the best one they had tasted – ever!


A pop-up bar with pop-up fashion vendors, international lounge music and friends (old and new that night!) enjoying new drinks made for a spectacularly successful two hours of elegant fashionable FUN! If there was one place to swarm in style that night, it was ‘Four Doors Plus One’, with a Jack Daniel’s Honey on the side.

Every Styleswarm guest received a take home goodie bag with the ingredients to make their own Bee Sting. Nearly every guest said they couldn’t wait to make it …and that they would be making the range of cocktails for their friends. What about you ….will you be trying Jack Honey Cocktails?


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