Step into Autumn in Style with This Seasons Boots

Step into Autumn in Style with This Seasons Boots

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Autumn 2019 sees the rise of some key trends for the season when it comes to boots! We’ve picked out our favourite trends and selected our top picks from the Wittner and Styletread stores on eBay.

Animal Print and Snakeskin

Snakeskin and crocodile prints are making a comeback again this Autumn and winter and there is a style to suit everyone – whether you want to make a statement or keep it more subtle.


Gosh Ankle Boot $59.95
Peppa Ankle Boot $109.95
Therapy Sidney Ankle Boots $89.95


New York Fashion week saw the confirmation of metallic as a key look this season.  Ease into the metallic trend with some of these suggestions.

Notorious Ankle Boots $99.95
I Love Billy Telli Long Boots $139.95
Alsa Gold Capri Round Toe Ankle Boot $109.95


In an ode to rock n roll buckles are trending too.  Whether you are looking for the military/combat style or a slight embellishment buckles are back!


Taos Tall Crave Long Boots $299.95
Benji Boot $99.95
Mollini Rowens Ankle Boots $249.95

Floral Prints

Floral printed shoes and boots are a trend that can’t be missed.  Either do a full boot style and turn your legs into a work of art or the ankle boot mixing floral and metallic.

I Love Billy Neolas Long Boots $149.95
Django & Juliette Sadore Black Floral Ankle Boot $199.95
Sheena Ankle Boots $109.95

Make sure you are prepared for the cooler months by getting your hands on any of these great boots – we’re certainly going to invest in a few of our favourites!



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