The Sleeveless Duster for Autumn 2016

If you are looking to add some trans-seasonal pieces to your wardrobe, you may want to consider investing in a sleeveless duster jacket. The ultimate layer for Autumn, this piece is one to consider for your wardrobe as the weather becomes cooler.

sleeveless duster jacket

A sleeveless duster jacket is quite simply a tailored longline vest or sleeveless trench coat. It makes for a trans-seasonal, all occasion piece because of it’s ability to be dressed up or down, and layered for Autumn and Winter.

Sleeveless duster jackets are being worn this summer over a simple shorts and tank outfit. The duster elevates the look from smart casual to chic street style.

Grab some inspiration from these fashionistas who have nailed the sleeveless duster look.

sleevless duster
Image via Nada Adelle


sleeveless duster
Image via Tuula Vintage


sleeveless duster
Image via Walk in Wonderland


sleeveless duster winter
Image via Be Daze Live

We’ve found some great styles to suit all shapes and heights.

sleevless duster

  1. Portmans Khaki In-Vest-Ed Vest $99.95
  2. Staple the Label Forever Vest $139
  3. Crossroads Khaki Sleeveless Vest $44.95
  4. ASOS Curve Blue Sleeveless Duster $35
  5. Wite Sleeveless Trench $71.98
  6. Seed Heritage Tailored Vest $169.95
  7. Monki Sleeveless Duster $70
  8. Empress Eleven Black Dahlia Duster $59.95

The sleeveless duster is going to be a key trend piece for Autumn 2016. Now is the time to purchase your duster, so you can get the maximum wear over as the seasons change from warm to cool.

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