The Worst Fashion Accessories Ever Made

Fashion can be like art. The value is in the eye of the beholder… or the wearer. But there are some fashion items that have gone extreme and are beyond being arty farty. Put simply they are just plain wrong. Here are 7 of the worst fashion accessories ever made.

1.  Contact Lens Jewellery – made to look like tears, we have tears just looking at it.
contact lense jewellery
Image Source

2. Zit Earrings – because everyone wants to have a pussy zit through their piercing.

Zit Earring
Image Source

3. Spock Earrings – these earring won best design at the Bridal Designer Awards. We hope not too many brides will trekking these down the aisle.

Spock Earrings
Image Source

4. The scrotum sack handbag because this is every woman’s dream design for a tote.

scrotal sack handbag
Image source

5. Man bun fedora, because buns need styling and sun protection too.

man bun fedora
Image source

6. Hooves heels so you can clickity clop in style.

Hooves Heels
Image Source

7. Chewing gum heels because who doesn’t want to bite more than they can chew when it comes to fashion?

Chewing Gum Heels
Image source



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