Top 3 ’90s Fashion Trends That You Should Wear Again

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After the low waisted jeans, the classic 1950s alluding blouses and the sheer mania for sheer seen on the streets, on the runways and on the red carpets in the last decade, it is hard to imagine women going back to the high waisted, harsh materials, and dark burgundy lips of the 90s but this is exactly where fashion is going these days.

From the biggest models of the moment, to celebrities, fashion editors and even bloggers, the grungy, dark elements of the 90s are being used to create bold looks that turn heads wherever they go. There are a slew of lists celebrating the biggest trends of the 90s such as the thick chockers and the overalls, the high waisted jeans and high top sneakers. There are the backpacks slouched on one shoulder and the shirts tied around the waist; there is the baggy jeans and Calvin Klein underwear and so many more style pieces that made the 90s one unforgettable fashion decade and below, you can find the top three 90s fashion trends you can easily rock for a stylish throwback look.

The Crop Top

crop top from the 90s

From the street on Gigi Hadid to Kerry Washington at the SAG awards, the crop top is having a huge moment right now. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, the crop top is being worn with high waisted pants and converse shoes; with short shorts and flats and even with midi skirts and long coats. No matter how you choose to style the crop top, make sure you pair it with a skirt or pants that suits your shape so that you can accentuate your curves in the right light.

The Harem Pant

top '90s fashion trends
Image via @Camillawithlove

Long gone are the days when the harem pant was associated with Mc Hammer. These days, harem pants are a great style piece that you can rock from day to night, from the office to the beach. From silk, pyjama-like ones to don with a crop top for effortless date night style to bold patterned ones like these Camilla harem pants to wear for a laid back, street style look. For the best results, pair harem pants with structured pieces like a blazer and high heeled sandals to bring the chic element to this laid back style piece.

Doc Martins

top 3 '90s fashion trends

Forgoing the delicate smoking slippers and high heeled sandals, more and more women are choosing to pair their ensembles with doc martins. From the biggest fashion bloggers in the world, like Chiara Ferragni who rocked a pair of Louis Vuitton Doc Martins recently to Gwen Stefani running errands in her own red pair, this 90s trend is also a favourite with many fashionistas as they are on trend and totally comfortable to walk in. Pair your Doc Martins with skinny pants and a loose shirt or short shorts and a crop top to bring edge to any outfit.

Image via @Camillawithlove (Instagram)

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