Were you fooled by Selfie Shoes?

Were you April Fooled yesterday? Some of us at the Stylehunter Collective HQ were with the launch of the Selfie Shoe.

The shoe was designed and created by Miz Mooz. The shoes feature a docking station at the end of the toe to attach your phone so you can use your foot to take a hands-free selfie.

The promotional video explains to viewers that Selfie sticks are bulky to carry around and their new Selfie Shoe is the answer to the 1st world problem of taking the perfect selfie.

Of course, we had to wait until today to find out whether the Selfie Shoe was in fact an actual new invention or a fake.

And it was a fake.

Miz Mooz admitted the following on their website,

‘Did we fool you? To make it up to you, we want to give you 15% off on your next pair of Miz Mooz shoes! ‘

The question does need to be asked though… is the Shelfie Shoe the answer to a great selfie photo?


The Daily What, who shared about the product yesterday, commented

‘If only we would apply all this creative energy into solving world hunger or global warming.’

True that.

Were you fooled by Selfie Shoes? Would you wear the Selfie Shoe?


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