What Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me About Fashion (and Life).

For many years, the girls of Sex and the City were my besties. We shared Monday nights together, my girlfriends and I sipping on cocktails while watching their lives unfold before us. We shared in their heartbreak and their joys. We watched the men in their lives come and go while their unfaltering friendship seemed to be the everlasting constant between them.

Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie were a fusion of all of us. We all secretly harboured traits and quirks of each character. We were as stubborn as Miranda, as sentimental as Charlotte, wanted to be as sassy as Samantha and we all coveted Carrie’s wardrobe!

It was Carrie Bradshaw who was the style icon of the show. With her quirky sense of style she showed us that there are no rules when it comes to fashion. From the furs, to the name plate necklace, the Manolo Blahniks and the huge flower brooches it was a fashion wonderland! There was nothing Carrie wouldn’t wear and nothing she couldn’t pull off!

Here are some of the lessons I learnt from the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw…


If your bra is going to be on show, make sure it’s worth seeing. A black lace number is always a good idea!


Same goes for good underwear!


There are days when you just want to say “Who cares?!” Your outfit should scream this from the rooftops- break all the rules, mix your fabrics and throw caution to the wind.


A simple t-shirt paired with a full skirt is always a good idea!


Pants are always optional and never compulsory.


When your boyfriend’s dog goes missing you have no time to take your shoes off- so RUN in those HEELS like a boss lady!


Dressing like a Mob Wife is always a good idea.


Even looking depresso can be a look when you’re wearing heels and sweats.


Wearing fabulous shoes will alway detract from a really bad outfit…well almost always.


Knickerbockers are NOT only for royal babies.


Don’t be afraid to add accessories- even if they are larger than your face.


Who said you had to choose between classic and edgy? Carrie pulls off a string of pearls and that rockstar belt like no-one’s business!


If your friend’s tell you shouldn’t wear makeup with your sweats then you definitely need new friends.


You should always be within close proximity of a cocktail.


Wearing you pjs in public is not just for children. When you throw on a pair of heels and a fur  it becomes a look.


Dressing in black will ALWAYS be a thing and it ALWAYS look amazing!


Lingerie as outerwear can look phenom when you pair it with gorgeous sling backs and a stylish coat.


Don’t save that special dress for an event or function- throw it on and do the school run damn it!


The 80’s are always a good idea. Don’t fight me on this one- you’ll never win. Madonna was and will always be the Queen!


You are never too old for a tutu!


I’ll leave you with one of my favourite scenes from SATC. Carrie and Aiden are having a fight because Pete has chewed on her favourite shoe. Aiden goes on on to tell Carrie that she cares too much about her clothes. So Carrie promptly does a wardrobe cull- in which she gets rid of a Roberto Cavalli outfit she really loves. Not satisfied – the argument continues. SHUT UP. ITS ROBERTO CAVALLI.

This is where my lesson should be that no piece of clothing should be worth more than your relationships- BUT I have to conclude with the fact that Aiden moved on and the Roberto Cavalli found it’s way back into Carrie’s wardrobe. JUST SAYING!!

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