Retail is Hell! 4 Worst Nightmare Customer Stories

    Working in retail can be infuriating. You can be having a good day at work, a bunch of super chill customers, and then one bad customer can ruin your entire day.

    Thanks to the internet, we can share these horrible stories, and find comfort that we are not alone.

    Today, we have outlined some of our “favourite” customer stories to make you feel a bit better about trawling it back to work tomorrow!

    #1 – Just Desserts

    You all know that customer who can’t make a decision to save their life? Reddit user ‘sk1ttl3’ encountered one of these crazies at an icecream store he worked at.

    The customer couldn’t decide which flavour of ice cream she wanted, which understandable. She wanted something a bit fruity, and being a good employee, he went back to the freezers to find something that matched that description.

    When he came back, he showed her two flavours – Strawberry and Raspberry – and she was down with that. He told her, since it was in the freezer, they are rock solid, and it’ll take a while to get it out.

    She was fine with waiting (bet you’ve heard that before) and he began to attempt to scoop out the ice cream, that even a heavy weight champion would struggle to get out.

    Since this took a while, a line of customers started to build up. He told the customer he would serve a few people, as it would give time for the ice cream she wanted to thaw. She said that was fine.

    A few minutes later, the strawberry loving customer storms over with a red face, yelling “I HAVE BEEN F****** WAITING TWENTY MINUTES FOR MY ICE CREAM!”

    The 16 year old boy apologizes and reminds her that the ice cream was rock solid.

    The grown woman replied with the most ridiculous statement on the planet: “THEN WHY THE F*** IS IT IN THE FREEZER, THEN?”

    The employee couldn’t help but laugh. It’s ice cream. ICE cream!

    #2 – Hangry or Just Plain Rude?

    Reddit user LOLduke witnessed a poor elderly lady faint. As she was going down, she hit her head on the counter. Everyone around went to help her, as they contacted an ambulance. Except for one individual, who stepped over the elderly lady to the counter, and insisted that she be served straight away due to being in a rush!

    The other customer clearly didn’t care if this old lady corked it or not. To be fair, those chocolate bars aren’t going to check out themselves, and mamas hungry, am I right ladies? (The answer is: no)

    #3 – Kitty Got Claws

    You may remember a time where you had to leave the house, and enter a strange building called a “video rental store” in order to watch movies at home without buying them outright. This form of streaming was called “renting” or “hiring.”

    Reddit user ‘kelsdeb1’  used to work in one of these mythical stores, when they encountered an exceptionally crazy customer. This individual claimed that all the DVDs they hired were scratched before he hired them. Upon opening the DVD cases, they were scratched to all hell. Like, a kitten went to town on these bad boys.

    The reddit user remembered hiring these DVDs to the customer, and they weren’t in that condition originally. She tells the customer that she can’t resell them in the state they’re in. The customer freaks out, we’re talking “Can I Speak To The Manager” realness, pointing fingers, raising voices, and chucking out some of the old favourites like: “What do you know?” “You didn’t sell this to me” etc.

    Five minutes later, the 50 year old man has had enough fun harassing this poor 15 year old girl, and leaves. The next customer approaches the counter and asks “Miss, could you tell me where I might find the movie ‘The Jerk’”

    For a brief moment, the reddit users faith in humanity was restored. Second customer, we salute you!

    #4 – The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

    It was the night before Christmas, and all through Toys R Us, customers were freaking nuts… That’s how it goes, right?

    Reddit user ‘Pardon_my_baconess‘  was a manager at the store, where he was greeted by three very intoxicated adults.

    The gronked out Granny is furious that the store doesn’t have the seasons three most popular toys on Christmas Eve! She demands that they find these toys, and “we ain’t leavin’ til you do!”

    Obviously, you aren’t going to find much on Christmas Eve, because of obvious reasons. The three mature customers did what any sane person would do – begin to trash the store.

    The police arrived, and asked if the store manager wanted to press charges. The manager, feeling the Christmas spirit, offered them a present. He offered them two options.

    Option one was to leave the store, and tell the kids why they didn’t get their top toys or the second option being end up in jail and explain that to the children!

    They decided to leave, and if that isn’t a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is!

    After reading all these stories, it’s easy to be frustrated and angry. Working in retail is an important job in our communities, how else are people going to get their groceries, buy clothes, or even have a night out?

    So, to end off this list, I’ve added a little bonus: A happy customer story!

    BONUS – A Well Behaved Child?

    During a heat wave at a local art fair, reddit user ‘tiredandboredreddit’  was working as a waiter, when they encountered a particularly cranky kid.

    This one child was around 10, and you could tell the entire family just wasn’t having it, due to being overheated themselves. It was clear the kid didn’t want to just sit down, possibly due to not wanting to attend the art fair, or just being a bit bored.

    So instead of driving the family and the people around them nuts, the kid gets up and acts as a doorman. He opens and closes the door for all the customers and servers walking in and out. It made it easy for servers to come in and out, and after 20 minutes him and his family left!

    Surely this can’t be true!

    when something is too good to be true


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