New Study Shows Drinking Champagne May Help Prevent Dementia

Drinking champagne usually goes hand in hand with a celebration of some kind or another. And now we really have something to drink to and celebrate! Champagne has been found to help prevent the onset of dementia.

Researchers have discovered two ingredients in champagne that may keep brain diseases at bay.

Scientists at Reading University in Berkshire, UK, are suggesting that just three glasses per week may help prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.


The results have shown that pinot noir and pinot meunier, both used in the creation of champagne, have compounds present that can boost spatial memory and ward off brain disease.

Unfortunately, the research has only been done on rats so far but scientists now hope to move to adults.

“This research is exciting because it illustrates for the first time that moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning such as memory,” said Jeremy Spencer, a biochemistry professor at Reading University.


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