10 Cocktails Based on Your Favourite Childhood Treats

Buzzfeed was definitely on to something when they recently shared 7 shots based on Aussie childhood snacks as part of Australia Day commemorations.
As kids, we knew a thing or two about treats and nothing brings back a bit of nostalgia than sharing a cocktail (or two) inspired by the treats of our youth.
We bring to you 10 Cocktails (including shots) based on childhood treats.

10 cocktails based on your childhood treats

1. The Birthday Cake Martini by Berries.

Birthday cake martini

2. Zooper Dooper Cocktail Shots by Buzzfeed

Zooper Dooper Stupor


3. Fairy Floss Champagne by Lauren Conrad.

fairy floss champagne

4. Miloaded Shot by Buzzfeed.

miloaded cocktail

5. Jellybean Martini by Tablespoon.

jelly bean martini6. Tim Tam Bam by Buzzfeed.

Tim Tam Cocktail Shot

7. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cocktail by Hungry Couple NYC.

peanut butter and chocolate cocktail

8. The Yeast of Your Problems – Vegemite shot with Bourbon by Buzzfeed.

Vegemite Shot

9. Off Ya Vovo Shot – based on the classic Vovo by Buzzfeed.

Vovo Cocktail

10. Slamington – Lamingtons for Big Kids, by Buzzfeed.

lamington cocktail

Which of these are you game to try with your friends?


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