10 Ideas on Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home

If you’ve left it too late to book dinner for New Year’s Eve, or you have little idea on what you want to do to bring the New Year in, why not celebrate at home? Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home can be a lot of fun and there are no rules on what you can and can’t do. Instead, why not make it a night to do something a little different and out of the ordinary?

celebrating New Year's Eve at home
We’ve found some ideas that you can do at home to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Sometimes the best memories are made by the simplest ideas.
1. Eat Dessert First. Rather than get stuck into a main meal for dinner, why not eat dessert first? You could make it a night about desserts and no main meal if you have a sweet tooth.

Celebrate New Year's Eve by eating dessert first
Portion of mini Pavlova meringue cake decorated with chocolate, toffee and caramel sauce

2. Create a Takeaway Cultural Buffet. If the thought of cooking up a storm on New Year’s Eve brings sweat to your bow, why not order in takeaway from all your favourite cuisines in your local area. A delicious way to bring in the New Year.

Eat your favourite Take Away for New Year's Eve
Italian cuisine. Glass of prosecco and variety of seafood.

3. Buy a champagne you’ve never drunk before and team it with a cheese you’ve never tried before.
4. On the hour, every hour till Midnight think of one thing you’re grateful for that happened in the year and one hope you want to see in the New Year.

New Year's Eve ideas at home
Image via Alice and Lois, Free Printable

5. Watch a classic movie you’ve never watched before. What’s a movie that everyone talks about that you’ve never seen before? Why not make New Year’s Eve the night to watch what everyone’s been talking about?
6. Light 6 candles and blow out one as each hour goes by till midnight.

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home
Image source

7. Play a boardgame with your partner. Some favourites are Monopoly, Pictionary or Taboo.
8. Buy a big selection of Chocolates and have a Chocolate Degustation night.

Eat Chocolate for New Year's Eve
9. Get those colouring in pencils and a blank piece of paper, put on some music and draw or sketch your hopes for the coming year.

colour in for New Year's Eve
10. Weather permitting, why not create a picnic outdoors, under the stars? If you have a trampoline you could lie on it and watch the stars and bring in the New Year.

New Year's Eve at Home ideas

What will you be doing this New Year’s Eve?


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