9 Food and Drink Trends for 2016

Our love for food and drink has become prominent over the years due to Pinterest and Instagram which has tempered our love for taste and visually appealing meals. Pinterest has recently released a list of the food and drink trends for 2016 they predict will dominate our plates and cups. The list was comprised from the pinning habits of 100 million people worldwide. It seems coconut oil has had it’s day and we are now obsessed with avocado oil.

Food and drink trends for 2016

Here is the list of trends that will be big for 2016.

1. Beer Cocktails
A stubby or scooner no longer cuts it in the Beer world. We’re getting a whole lot more sophisticated by creating cocktails made from beer. For a simple Beermosa, mix 8oz of bear in a glass with 4oz of orange juice and a wedge of orange on the side.

beer cocktails drink trend for 2016

2. Distilling Your Own Alcohol
A lot of pinners want to know how to distill their own alcohol. Do your own Booze is going to be the next big thing. Homemade sloe gin and infused vodka are popular searches. Homebrew Beer will also be popular.

distilling own alcohol drink trend for 2016

3. Homemade Oils And Salad Dressings
It seems we have a pennant for making things at home, including salad dressings and oils. Not only do they taste great, these can be come gift staples for the hard to buy for.

salad dressing food trend for 2016

4. Sweet foods with a Savoury Twist
Typical sweet foods are being blended with savoury to create a taste sensation. Chocolate chip and pretzel cookies or popcorn muffins from gourmet delights of mixing pancakes and waffles with savoury twists.

sweet and savoury food trends for 2016

5. Pour-Over Coffee
Pour-over coffee is the latest coffee craze that has coffee snobs drinking for more. The process involves putting freshly ground coffee in a filter and pouring hot water over and through the grounds of coffee into a cup. It sounds like a chic perculator without the machine.

pour over coffee

6. Snack and Bento boxes
Bento boxes are the latest craze for lunch boxes both for school kids and adult work lunches. The concept encourages snack-like meals through the day as opposed to a main lunch meal in the middle of the day. The Bento box came originally for Japan but the world seems to have embraced this style of eating. It’s one way of encouraging children to eat more variety in their diet and it’s healthier.

bento boxes for 2016

7. Traditional Cuisines turned into Gourmet Sensations
Sometimes the same old meals need a bit of a freshen up. Traditional cuisines are going to get turned into gourmet sensations in the New Year, and I’m excited.

8. Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is the new coconut oil. Charlotte Sterling-Reed from SR Nutrition explains, “Avocado oil, like avocado, is high in ‘heart healthy’ fats such as monounsaturated fatty acids, which help to maintain healthy blood cholesterol. The oil also contains polyunsaturated fats too, which have numerous health benefits.

avocado oil for 2016
“On top of all this, avocados and avocado oil contain antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, and also are packed with minerals.”

Avocado oil can be used to cook food in, spread on bread, to season and marinate food, add to shampoo or apply to the face as a face mask. It’s great of ingesting as well as applying it outside the body.

9. Swapping Carbs For Veggies
Cauliflower rice, zucchini pasta and broccoli base pizza is the way we’re swapping our carbs for more healthier alternatives.

veggies for carbs 2016


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