9 Kids Snacks and Treats That’ll Teleport You Back To The 90’s

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2019 is all about nostalgia. Disney live-action remakes, Crash Team Racing remastered, and every single television show being set in the 80’s. But as a snack lover, the biggest nostalgia-kick I get is from the odd food we ate as kids.

Today, we’re going to countdown from the strangest to the tastiest treats we ate in the 90s.

#9 – Dairylea Cheestik 

It’s lunch time, and you’re stuck in the classroom since it’s too hot to play outside. You sit by the air conditioner, and pull out one of these cheese sticks, and start peeling. It’s not the taste that matters, it’s showcasing your peeling abilities to the lads.

Does the taste hold up to our adult tongues? Probably not, but who can say no to cheese?

#8 – Jumpy’s

You’re at Nannas house, and you know you’re always in for a treat – good or bad. As she digs through the endless mysterious snacks she’s picked up, you spot a multipack of snacks. The green packet is adorned with an Australian Icon – the kangaroo. Yes, it’s Jumpys.

FUN FACT: Jumpy’s were the only Kangaroo I would eat as a kid without crying. When I saw Kangaroo meat for the first time I said, and I quote in tears, “It smells like the zoo!”

#7 – Dunkaroos

It’s recess, and you and your friend pull out your matching lunchboxes. You open yours, you see a sad little apple. Your friend whips out a packet of Dunkaroos. You ask if they want to trade, and the absolute madman says yes. It’s the greatest trade deal in history.

You still like biscuits? You still like chocolate? Then you’re probably still going to like Dunkaroos!

#6 – Arnotts Pizza Shapes

The endless debate over which Shapes flavour is best: Pizza or BBQ. The correct answer is, of course, Pizza shapes. But either way, if Shapes of any flavour were in your lunch box you were in for a good time. Unless the flavour is Chicken Crimpy, am I right?

I still eat these and I don’t even feel bad.

#5 – Freddo Ice Cream Cake

It’s a few hours into your cousins 10thbirthday party, and you’re running on sugar from the two soft drinks your Mum let you have, when they bring out this icy beast! You get your paper plate of ice cream goodness and sit down on the trampoline and hope that no one bounces hard enough that you drop your cake.

Ice cream cake at any age is tasty, and we all bow down to our Freddo overlord.

#4 – Rainbow Sour Straps

You’re 8 years old, and your Dad takes you down to the local deli and you beg for some of these sticky suckers. Every now and then he’ll say yes, and when he does, it’s like the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

They may be a bit sticky for the everyday sour snack connoisseur, but they’re still a tasty treat for the low price of $1!

#3 – TeeVee Snacks

It’s Friday Night, and it’s been a long week at school. Your mum pulls out an old VHS of The Mask for family movie night, and whips out these crunchy chocolate treats. They’re not quite chocolate, they’re not quite biscuit, but they are 100% taste perfection.

I still buy these for movie nights as an adult, they’re an essential snack! I don’t care what anyone says, you’re not my real Dad.

#2 – Spiders

You’re at the school disco, getting down to Mambo Number 5 (Bob the Builder edition, obviously), and working up a bit of a sweat. You head on over to the canteen and order a refreshing Spider. Coca-Cola meets ice cream becomes a secret revolution, that changes your life forever.

Haven’t had one in years, but now I am massively craving this.

#1 – Zooper-Doopers

It’s 39°, which is super-hot, but not hot enough to send everyone home, and you’re lining up at the school canteen. You ask for a Fairy Floss Zooper-Dooper, and the icy touch almost burns your mouth, as your teeth begin to freeze over. It’s the next Ice Age, and it’s occurring in your mouth.

This is literally the only way to cool down in the summer heat, so it’s a recommendation to people of all ages.


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