Beauty and the Feast: Eat your Way to Glossy Hair

Experts say beauty starts from the inside out. It’s all about what you feed your body to produce the best health for your appearance. If you feel your hair is looking a bit lack lustre it may not necessarily be from the hair products you’re using. It could be based on what you’re eating.

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To produce lush, glossy hair, you may need to watch your diet and add these foods in to sustain lushious locks. Eat your way to glossy hair by adding some of these key foods to your diet.

Oily Fish is an essential protein to the human diet. It contains nutrients to assist with brain function and contain essential omega fatty acids (3 & 6) which can help prevent hair loss. Fatty acids also assist in hydrating the scalp and strengthening follicles. Oily fish to add to your diet include Mackerel, Salmon, Prawns and Oysters.

Salmon over Pilaf
Salmon over brown rice, quinoa and pilaf

Eggs are also another protein that enhance the appearance of your hair. They contain similar minerals and vitamins to oysters and are rich in biotin which helps with shine. Most shampoos and conditioners have biotin listed in the ingredients. For quick mask to bring back lustre to your hair why not make an egg hair mask?

Soft boiled eggs
Soft boiled eggs

Lean red meat like beef and lamb, when eaten in moderation can assist with the vitality of your hair. They also add strength to the follicles and are the best way to add protein to your diet and overall health.

Lean red meat seasoned for taste.
Lean red meat seasoned for taste

White meat like chicken and turkey can also assist with scalp and hair health.

Lean, grilled chicken with a salad can assist with hair health
Lean, grilled chicken with a salad can assist with hair health

Nuts are another source of protein that can benefit your hair. Walnuts provide the best nourishment as they have a combination of omega 3 fatty acids, biotin, protein vitamin E and copper which acts like an SPF for your hair and protects it from sun rays. Other nuts and seeds that nourish hair are cashews, pecans, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds

Primal bars with walnuts and seeds
Paleo bars with walnuts and seeds

Wholegrains like brown rice are packed with zinc which assists with the thickness and growth of your hair.

Vegetables like sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, carrots and broadbeans assist with scalp circulation and hair growth. Carrots help with the production of sebum which is a natural moisturizer to the hair. Spinach strengthens collagen production which assists with breakage.

Baked sweet potato and brocolli
Baked sweet potato and brocolli

Green tea can prevent dandruff. Whether drunk on its own or used as a rinse through the scalp.

Fruits like blueberries and kiwi fruit also assist with hair vitality. Tomatoes which are technically a fruit but art not, contain lycopene maintaining the natural production of collagen in the body which strengthens hair and promotes growth.

Blueberry and Kiwi fruit tart
Raw blueberry and kiwi fruit tart

How do you maintain your hair to keep it’s glossy look? What foods do you need to up the anti on the maximize their benefits?


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