6 DIY Typography Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Typography would have to be one of our favourite ways to decorate eggs for Easter. If you’re keen to get crafty and decorate some eggs in time for the chocolate bunny’s arrival, why not check out these 6 DIY Typography Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg Decorating Tips

• Always use hard boiled eggs when decorating your eggs. You can blow out the egg if you prefer the outer shell, but these can be easy to break when painting.
• Lay newspaper out when painting eggs to protect table surfaces.
• Wear old clothes or an apron to save ruining your clothes from the paint.
• Have fun.

Typography Easter Eggs1. Paint your eggs white and using a sharpie pen to write a journal on your eggs. Alisa Burke shows you how in her post here.

journal typography easter eggs

2. Combine your typography eggs with patterns and pictures to create a delightful egg collection that can be put on display. Obviously Sweet shares the process behind this monochrome collection of Easter Eggs.

monochrome typography easter eggs

3. Add your typography to plain boiled eggs. The neutral shade of the egg shell provides the perfect backdrop for a more natural look. Bon Appetit shares how to make the perfect boiled egg for this DIY Easter Egg project.

plain eggs typography


4. Paint your eggs with black chalkboard paint and write your typography using chalk. Easy Home and Garden shows how effective these Easter Eggs can look with gold sparkly eggs.

blackboard typography easter eggs

5. If you’re religious, you may want to write scriptures on your Easter Eggs. Choose a colour palette of pink, blue and white and mix patterns with the typography eggs.

typography easter eggs

6. Lovely Indeed shows how you can make your very own bold and bright coloured typography eggs. The gold writing on the block coloured eggs really stands out.

Easter Egg Typography

Do you decorate and paint eggs for Easter? Which of these DIY ideas will you try?


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