8 Ways to Make Your Home Smell AMAZING!

A welcoming home is a nice smelling home. The last thing you want your guests to smell as soon as they walk through your door is remnants of last night’s dinner or bad drains that smell as if someone has died. Smells make a lasting impression for your guests, and they can also make you feel at home depending on your signature scent. If you’re keen for your home to make a welcoming impression, here are 8 ways to make your home smell AMAZING.

8 ways to make your home smell amazing
1. Fix smells, don’t camouflage them. To make your house smell fabulous, you need to remove anything that’s causing smells in the first place. Empty a full bin and give it a spray with some lemon or lavender spray. To keep the bin smelling fresh, place a piece of paper towel at the bottom of the bin with a spray of lavender. Other offending areas are drains – use bi-carb soda and vinegar to eradicate any offending bacteria in your drains. Insinkerators are the worst offenders for giving off a stink. Pour vinegar down while it’s chewing food scraps to get rid of the odour.

bicarb soda and vinegar get rid of smells
2. Open the windows. Let the fresh air in. Fresh air into your home will help any musty smells disappear.

open window for a house to smell fresh
3. Diffuse essential oils through a humidifier. Not only do they purify the air, they eliminate negative odours.

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4. Simmer citrus slices and herbs in a saucepan. The scent will permeate through your house.
5. Light a candle. Calm is my favourite – a mix of lavender and rose that spreads a delightful scent through-out your home. Strategically place candles for maximum scent, and when they aren’t lit, store them in your linen cupboard so the fabrics can draw up the scent.

light a candle from dusk
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6. Introduce indoor plants to your home. Not only do they add style, they clean the air. Some plants bring a fragrance to the air like Gardenias, Corsage Orchids, Cuban Oregano and Geraniums.
7. Bake some cookies. The smell of home baking will always be a lovely scent… just make sure you don’t burn the cookies.

bake cookies
8. Reed diffusers are great for diffusing scents in specific rooms like powder rooms, bathrooms or even the laundry.

reed diffuser
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How do you make your home smell inviting?

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