Designer Home Styling – Without A Designer Furniture Budget

Designer Home Styling – Without a Designer Furniture Budget

Create a designer look for your home without the hefty price tag using a clever mix of affordable designer furniture and simple style solutions to take your home to the next level.

Styling a beautiful home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with luxury furniture and expensive artwork. Invest in a couple of statement furniture pieces and team them with modern design finds to create a designer look.

Designer furniture

Whether it’s a stylish sofa or a designer dining table and chairs, choose a show stopper piece to give your house an edge.



This sofa could easily be the star of its own show with its sleek and modern lines, but its neutral grey tone and wooden base also provide the perfect canvas to dress up with cushions and throws.

Its carefully crafted wooden base is sturdy and high quality, while the plush seating, backrests and armrests ensure it’s comfortable and functional.

This sofa has everything you’d expect from high end furniture, apart from the price. A fraction of what its high street price should be, you can create a stylish living room without the designer furniture price tag with this piece.


If you’re working with a small space, but love to entertain, this stunning six seater dining table is perfect.

The cutting edge design and craftsmanship of this piece sets it apart from the stock standard dining tables found in major furniture stores. With this dining table, you can be assured you’re getting a statement piece that won’t be found in every second person’s dining room.

Its solid wood and wood veneer top in walnut stain highlights the quality and durability of this piece. It’s ideal for everyday use as well as entertaining.

Modern design finds

Now that you have your statement pieces, it’s time to adorn them with soft furnishings and colour to make your room pop.

Cushions and throws

Cushions and throws are an inexpensive way to bring your home to life. Use a mixture of shapes, sizes and textures to create a designer look.


A throw on the sofa can give your living room a homely and stylish feel, while a textured rug under a coffee table can add warmth.


Storage solutions

Storage solutions can be practical and stylish. Add frames, trinkets and greenery to your shelving to inject personality into your home.



Think out of the box when lighting your home. Add a pendant or chandelier light to your living area, or add a modern table lamp or stand up lamp to make a statement.


Contact Jason Agustina today to style your home with beautiful designer furniture without the designer furniture price tag.


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