Dressed for Sale – Best Ways to Display Photographs in the Home


Hi I’m Tiffany Murray co owner of Dressed for Sale.

My team of stylists and I, get to be surrounded by beautiful furniture and accessories daily.

When we are out and about, we are often asked about the best way to display photos.

In pre sale styling we leave photos out all together!

But in your own home photos are really very much a reflection of your personality.

Some people have very few and they are artfully displayed…but if you are like me your walls will be covered in groupings of family and friends…they make me happy!

We recommend when creating a photo wall mix and match – mix black and white photos with colour, frame sizes and frame styles. Think of a photo wall as a patchwork quilt of your life

Photo shelves are a great way to display photos, without having to commit to putting hooks in the wall.

You can them mix and match the photos you have up and also partner with accessories.

You can update as the mood strikes you and keep up with changing and growing families.

When displaying a single photo on a bench, accompany with 2 other items (always accessorize in odd numbers) for example place a photo, plant and a candle.

In this instance don’t try and be fashionable…just be yourself!



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