Dressed for Sale: Styling with Rugs

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Using rugs in your home 

Hi I’m Tiffany Murray co owner of Dressed for Sale.

My team of stylists and I, get to be surrounded by beautiful furniture and accessories daily.

When we are out and about, we are often asked our opinion on rugs, which ones to buy and how to use them!

Rugs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to finish off the look of your room.

Size is integral to creating the right feel for the room – it needs to be scaled to fit in with the rest of the décor.

Bigger is not always better. Except for diamonds 😉

Use rugs to create zones in large open areas to differentiate your living room from dining areas for example

In the longer term we believe it is safer to opt for neutral toned rugs (like our jute rugs) as you can be versatile with how you style around them

To create a lush, luxurious feel choose thick wool rugs….my kids love rolling around on ours…they don’t hurt their knees!


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