Dressed for Sale – Tips on Styling with Cushions

Crazy About Cushions

Hi I’m Tiffany Murray co owner of Dressed for Sale.

My team of stylists and I, get to be surrounded by beautiful furniture and accessories daily.

When we are out and about, we are often asked our opinion on cushions, which ones to buy and how to use them!

Cushions are the red lipstick of the styling world!

You can change the feel of any room with a clever use of cushions, and they can give old furniture a bit of a face lift…just like red lipstick can for me.

Don’t over think it, be brave and experiment and have FUN – don’t play it safe with cushions!

Have one cushion which is block colour, and team it with assorted patterned cushions.

Use your own artwork to draw inspiration from for your cushion choices.

Having all your cushions the same size , can look very formal – use cushions of different shapes and sizes such as oval or oblong to create a more homely and welcoming look.

And be practical…you will be straightening them up daily so don’t over do it by having too many! And make sure if you are going to lie on them that they are comfortable! Not only good looking 😉

Like you we are CRAZY about cushions!


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