Dressed for Sale – Unique Storage Ideas

Unique Storage Ideas

Hi I’m Tiffany Murray co owner of Dressed for Sale.

My team of stylists and I, get to see inside beautiful homes daily.

When we are out and about, we are often asked about – the best way to create more storage

We love using stylish baskets as for extra storage space.

They’re inexpensive and you can buy really beautiful baskets that become a feature of the room.

When you are buying storage solutions we suggest friendly/multi-purpose furniture (Ikea cubes are a great example.)

This type of furniture is useful for storage solutions but can also be a design feature

Another great idea is to be smart with your choice of bedside tables and look for ones with storage options.

Also where possible buy beds with draws built underneath this is a fantastic use of dead space, as are mezzanine beds.

We recommend tucking your matching sheet sets inside one of its own pillow cases to keep your linen closet organised!

For more tips hop onto www.listotic.com

It gets addictive creating great storage spaces…I like the challenge!




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