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Five Ways to Drape a Throw Rug on a Bed

A throw rug is a cosy way to add warmth to your bedroom through the use of textiles. Throw rugs are a versatile décor item that can be used in bedrooms and living rooms. There are no right or wrong ways to lay a blanket, but we have found five ways to drape a throw rug on a bed to give you inspiration on how you can dress up your bedroom ready for winter.

1. Fold your throw rug at the foot foot of the bed. Look for knits and thin rugs as opposed to a chunky cable knit if you are wanting to try this style.

2. Drape and tuck your throw rug at the end of the bed. This works well for a patterned, high contrast throw.

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3. Do a 3/4 lay or half lay of the throw rug on the bed. This works best with a thick, cable knit throw.

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4. Drape your throw rug diagonally. All throws can be draped diagonally. Balance the look with well placed cushions for a relaxed feel.

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5. Layer two throw rugs for the double throw style. Find two throws that complement each other well and layer over each other for a contrasting look.

Image courtesy of thediyplaybook.com

We’ve found some snuggly throws that would work well this winter in the bedroom.

From top left going clockwise:
From top left going clockwise: Bronte Spot Throw Rug, Logan & Mason Ombre Throw, St Albans Mohair Firefly Throw, Cambridge Throw Rug in Green, Millie & Boris Knitted Cable Throw in Neutral, Alpaca Forest Throw

There are lots of ways to drape a throw. Do you like your throw rug to be draped or folded? Have you found other ways to drape a throw rug you’d like to share? How many throw rugs do you own?

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