How To Prepare Your Home for Auction

Selling a home can be very stressful, time consuming and heartbreaking if the results aren’t favourable. To combat this, Nicole Jacobs, Buyers Advocate from The Block has prepared simple TOP TIPS on How to Prepare Your Home for Auction and maximise the sale price at auction.



Buying a home is all about energy and whether the buyer can see themselves living in that space. De-clutter and ‘de-personalise the home’ by removing any family photographs or certificates that are on show. SmartBox is an efficient and hassle-free storage solution that cuts out double handling often associated with moving, by combining moving and storage. It’s easy and takes the stress out of having to move. When you want to jump back in your box, simply call them up within 24 hours and they’ll drive your unit back.

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Often furniture in the home has been selected from a practical standpoint- it’s functional, but doesn’t necessarily capture a sense of design. Consider engaging a stylist who will select suitable furniture that will inject personality and will help balance the Feng Shui and create a fabulous room!




Logical floor plans attract a broader depth of buyers. While you may not be able to change structural features such as a wall in time to sell your home you can enhance the floor plan by making sure all passage ways and entrances remain clear.

Think Fresh! Invest in giving the home a new coat of paint. Exercise a ‘light-minded’ attitude when selecting colours. Gender-neutral tones including dove grey, creamy whites and hazel browns are light and airy and help to open up a space for broad market appeal.

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Eschew male and female oriented decor for an abode outfitted in gender-neutral centrepieces. For a modern flower arrangement arrange a combination of fresh foliage in a heavier ceramic or copper vase, and add touches of feminine finesse by including one colourful flower. Foliage is fresh, long-lasting and provides the perfect amount of green to the scene.

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Fragrantly furnish your home with scented candles and brewed coffee. They help to create a lived in feeling with aromatic delight. Avoid selecting with heavy-floral scents and sickly-sweet overtones. Opt for a heavier, deeper fragrance with a splash of pepper, spice or nutmeg. You’ll melt over Tiki by Island Trading Co company– it has a woody blend that is perfect for male and female.


Prepare a list of features that have been performed recently on the home. These may include: recent rewiring or restumping; heating cooling or energy ratings; water tanks or reticulation systems; proximity to shops, beaches, CBD and transport. Place these in a frame in a position that can be easily viewed during inspection. Don’t forget! These key features are often overlooked by the agent and immediately contribute to the value of your home.

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The gorgeous images shown here are all from the home of Lisa Hynes, National Sales Manager with MMG (owners of Stylehunter Collective). Lisa and her partner, Craig, took a +100 year old dilapidated cottage and transformed it into a stunning home. This home recently went to auction and they dressed it for sale. It received HUGE coverage via their real estate agent marketing and the massive publicity interest that it picked up along the way including national and local press. It went nuts on breaking through property view records and Lisa’s personal Facebook promotion went viral! It featured in Huffington Post and also the Daily  Mail in the UK as a shining example of the Australian lifestyle. It also featured on the cover of ‘Domain’ and Harris Real Estate own monthly magazine – twice! We are delighted Lisa and Craig allowed use to use these images here.


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