Kitchen Trends for 2016

Kitchen renovations are one of my favourite spaces that I enjoy seeing transform from what was to what is. If you are dreaming of a new kitchen and need inspiration on what to put in your space that is modern and up-to-date, we bring you these Kitchen Interior Designs for 2016.

Before embarking on any renovation, it’s important to design a space that’s reflective of your likes and needs and not what is ‘currently’ on trend. Trends change and there is no point installing a kitchen that has state of the art trends, which you don’t love. The trends listed below are simply meant to be used as inspiration for your new kitchen should you wish to find something modern and contemporary added to your kitchen.

kitchen trends 2016

Natural Materials and Timber are in

It’s no surprise that timber flooring and natural materials will be dominantly featured in 2016 kitchens simply because they are also trending in bathroom interiors. Textures like stone, timber flooring and marble benches will be prominent. Bringing greenery into the kitchen through the use of plants and herbs will also be popular among designers.

natural timber into kitchens 2016

Warm metallics will be used over silver and stainless steel

Our love of all things copper, brass, gold and rose gold will be introduced in the kitchen interior through the use of rose gold tapware and copper sinks and rangehoods. Copper pendant lights will also be popular again over island benches.

copper pendant lights kitchen 2016


copper saucepans
Add copper to the kitchen by adding copper saucepans

Introduction of Vintage Appliances

Rather than install modern stainless steel appliances, there will be a push to install vintage inspired appliances to add a homely feel to the kitchen.

Porcelain Will Smash the benchtop and splashback trends.

Porcelain benchtops and splashbacks will be a more acquired product that will be seen in Kitchens for 2016. Porcelain is a non-porous ceramic that has the same characteristics as quartz-based engineered stone. It can be custom fit to create thinner benchtops which will streamline the kitchen benches, creating a minimal look.

Neutral Colours and Hints of Colour will make a surprising presence

Designers will choose neutral colours in shades of grey and taupe as opposed to black and white kitchens we’ve seen in the past. Mint and Peacock will be popular as accent colours in the kitchen.

grey and timber kitchen 2016

Which trends surprise you and which ones will you incorporate into your kitchen design?


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