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Livable Laundries – Ideas for a Laundry Makeover

Just typing Livable Laundries makes me groan inwardly because it’s the last place I want to be in my house, yet because I have children and I like to have clean clothes, I seem to be in there more than I would like. But laundries are the place to be if you design and style it well. While I don’t want to be tempted to stay in the laundry for any longer than 5 minutes at a time, I may just dwell their longer if the space looks warm and inviting.

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Laundries are fast becoming the space to make-over and give the styling treatment. If you’ve yet to give your laundry a make-over, why not have a look at these tips to get your laundry looking like at trendy place to hang out in (pun intended).

Firstly, a laundry needs to be functional. Before you decide to install some trendy wall shelves and funky prints on the wall, make sure you have the space and the right configuration of your washing machine and dryer. Once you work out exactly where the washing machine and dryer are going to be placed, you can measure up for shelving and cupboards.

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When choosing your shelves, choose a wider width rather than a slim width so it can fit bulkier items like washing baskets or buckets of washing powder.

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Bench space is a must in any laundry. Make sure you install a laundry sink as opposed to a kitchen sink in the laundry. It means the connection of the hoses will be easier and the installation will look neater.

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Use cupboards to cover over water taps. The water taps need to be exposed, but they can be concealed behind a cupboard door.

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Consider installing a ceiling mounted drying rack for indoor drying. Alternatively install a wall mounted rack if the space allows it.

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Once the cupboards, shelves, tub and appliances are accounted for, you can style the space with indoor plants and prints. Some trendy pendant lights can also modernize the laundry.

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Have you ever made-over your laundry? Got any tips to share?




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