Stylish Playrooms


Anyone with kids will know that a playroom is a saviour for any home. It’s a place to keep those seemingly endless toys, games and random bits and pieces out of sight. But all too often, a playroom can start to resemble a junk yard. A place where everything gets thrown and there’s not one ounce of organisation… it’s all just one, big horrible mess! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s totally possible to have a beautiful, organised and trendy playroom. In fact, these stylish playrooms are so gorgeous, you’re going to want to kick the kids out and use it as your own little oasis.

Stylish Playrooms

Black and White Monochrome

Keep your colour scheme sleek and modern with a black and white monochrome playroom. Throw in some natural wooden pieces for contrast. And whatever you do, please, please set up one of these teepees. If that’s not the trendiest little thing ever, I don’t know what is!

Stylish Playrooms
Image: Walk Among The Homes
Loft Fun!

Make your playroom a multi-purpose room by building a loft bed that can also be used as a cubby house. This is a great use of space as it keeps the floor area free for playing.

Stylish Playrooms
Image: Elaine Richardson Architect
A Stylish Play Nook

If you don’t have enough space in your house to dedicate to a playroom, then a play nook is the perfect solution. Generally play nooks are open plan so you need to choose furniture and storage solutions that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your house. This should be an area that is practical and fun to play in, whilst also maintaining the overall style of your home.

Image: Nexus Designs
Contrasting Colours & Patterns

Take your playroom up a notch by using contrasting colours and patterns. Stick to 2-3 colours for a effortlessly stylish look. Throw rugs, rugs, comfy floor cushions and storage boxes act as beautiful features in an otherwise simple room.

Image: Noosh


Stylish Playrooms
Image: Noosh
Storage, Storage, Storage!

When it comes to playrooms, storage is your very best friend. The only… and we mean the ONLY way to keep your playroom looking super organised and beautiful is to make sure you have plenty of storage. Built in storage solutions are fantastic, but if that’s not an option, purchase trendy storage boxes, wicker tubs or make your own DIY wooden boxes. If there’s a spot for the toys, there’s a good chance they’ll end up there (no promises though.. we all know how kids work when it comes to tidying up!).

Stylish Playrooms
Image: A Morton Designs

Are you planning to create a stylish playroom in your house? What feature would you find useful? Do you have any ideas about cool storage or making stylish playrooms safer for children?

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