Summer Upcycling at it’s Best – Shipping Container Pool

Having a pool in the backyard is the Aussie dream in summer. But the expense of installing an in ground pool puts the dream out of reach for most people. The average in ground pool installation costs approximately $50,000. Not to mention the landscaping and fencing that will need to be done after the pool is installed. There’s also the long wait as the yard is excavated to create your tropical haven. If you don’t have the time and the money, why not consider shipping container pool?

shipping container pools
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Isn’t this the best upcycle invention ever?

Aussie Container Pools have done extensive research to implement innovative ways to conserve materials and energy in the upcycling of shipping containers.
The above ground shipping container pools are the latest way of incorporating style and convention so the dream of owning a pool is within reach. The prices vary from $18,900 to $29,900 for a shipping container pool plus freight.

The narrow design means the pools can be installed in tightly spaced backyards. Aussie Container Pools guarantees the fiberglass in the container will last for up to 25 years so it won’t fall apart like the blow up wading pools.

shipping container pool fibreglass
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The pools are delivered as a complete product and require being filled up with water and connecting the pump to the mains. The pool can be accessed via stairs and have been built to meet council approval without the need for a pool fence because of the height of the external wall and built in safety gate.

shipping container pool stairs
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pump for shipping container pool
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installed shipping container pool
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If you do consider getting one of these container pools, you will need to check with your local council on what is required for safety. Pool laws have changed in recent years to prevent unnecessary drownings and injuries. Fences are required around any structure that holds water up to 300ml and is used for the purposes of human activity (swimming, wadding etc). Each council in Australia will have different laws on what can and can’t be done.

shipping container pool
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But once it’s all approved, bring on the summer pool parties!

To order your pool or enquire about deliveries in your area, head here or phone 0418 800 555. You can follow Shipping Container Pools on Facebook.


  1. Hi there i am in a Wheelchair is there anyway i could get into one of these lovely pools and be able to enjoy being in the water with my Wife just wondering Thanks


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