What’s Trending for Bathroom Interiors 2016

A bathroom renovation takes time to plan and organise. One of the key aspects of planning your bathroom renovation is looking at the design and choosing the materials, colours and fixtures and taps that will bring your bathroom interior to life. If you are a sucker for trends and want your bathroom to look trendy for 2016, here is what’s trending for bathroom interiors in 2016.

bathroom trends for 2016


Big tiles are in and little tiles like mosaics and tiny feature tiles are out. The bigger the floor and wall tile the better. The way the tiles are laid will also be a key signature for 2016. Herringbone pattern will be incredibly popular, but make sure this pattern is what you like because you will have to live with it for a long while before the next renovation.


Cabinetry will be custom made and functional. A vanity with space for a chair will allow for easy make-up application.

Natural stone and metal will be popular choices for fixtures. Natural stone vessel basins and copper feature baths will be signature looks in bathrooms next year.

Showers will incorporate two heads – one above rain shower head and another hand held shower on a rail.


White taps are in as are metallic hues like brass and rose gold.


Duckboard flooring as seen on boats will be incredibly popular in bathrooms in 2016. Their water endurance make them a great timber material installed in bathrooms.


White bathrooms are the new black. Accent colours in blues and greens will be trending, especially hues like emerald green and aqua. Pink is very much in when it comes to the bathroom. Shades of coral and dusty pink will be heavily featured in 2016 bathrooms.

Industrial Elements

Concrete will be the new material of choice, used on walls and vanity benches.


Homewares will be introduced to the bathroom to create a ‘living room’ feel. Rugs, stools, ottomans and occasional chairs will be added to the bathroom as a way to create an inviting and warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

Plants will be big in bathrooms. Lush, leafy plants will add a sense of calm to a bathroom. Mother-in-laws tongue and Jasmine will be key plant players in the bathroom.


Ambience lighting will be a big trend in bathrooms next year. The use of pendant lights and dimmers will allow for a sensual experience in the bathroom.


Storage will be used in creative and clever spaces, allowing for bulk appliances to have their place in the bathroom. Corner cupboards and shelving will be big trends next year.

When all the elements of these trends are put together, the look will be cohesive and cool.

Which trends will you use in your next bathroom renovation? What trends could you adopt now in your existing bathroom?


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