Wireless Music Streaming for Every Room

If you’re like me, you’ll love music and will have it playing as much as you can; in the car, at home and at work. Yes, it’s like the Battle of the Bands in our office with everyone playing their own music.

Are you obsessed with music sites such as Pandora and Spotify? Then you’ll be obsessed with new wireless music streaming via bluetooth speakers.


With the Evoke D2 you can easily switch from Pandora to your fave radio station at the flick of a switch. Bluetooth enabled, the Evoke D2 enables wireless music streaming from music apps on your phone or tablet effortlessly. Small in size but BIG in sound delivery, the Evoke D2 uses highly energy efficient Class-D audio amplification and real wood to deliver better sound quality.


With an excellent battery life and low power consumption, the Evoke D2 allows you to listen uninterrupted to hours of music; the perfect accessory for kitchen, benchtop, desk or bedside table. Input your iPod/MPS player and utilise the in-built alarm, sleep & snooze timers plus 20 presets (10 DAB and 10FM) AND a kitchen timer. Phew! And if you do want to take the party outside, the Evoke D2 has an optional rechargeable B1 battery pack.

Available now at au.shop.pure.com with bluetooth RRP $229 and rechargeable B1 battery pack RRP $97.


Then there’s the 360 degree ‘music at every angle’ powerfully loud wireless music streaming sound from Jumpd; making it easy to enjoy soaring highs and deep, booming bass in every room in the house. AND it’s water resistant just in case the partying extends to pool, beach or kitchen sink.


It’s a speakerphone, with Jumpd Bluetooth capability. Talk on the phone with clearer audio thanks to the internal microphone. Or create a musical daisy chain by connecting multiple Jumpd speakers to a single device. There’s even a Stereo-In jack that connects to old school phones and music players. What a gem! Bluetooth pairing, NFC, 8 hours of battery life, a one year warranty and FREE shipping. Buy NOW from Jumpd.com.au or click on an image to go straight to the site.


You gotta love wireless music streaming. How do you get the party started? What’s your fave music to pump up the volume? Do you already use wireless speakers like this? Do you love them?

Disclaimer: This article contains some affiliate links.


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