9 Purfect Christmas Gifts For Pets

Pets are apart of the family so it’s only natural to include them in the gift giving. While your pet will have no idea exactly what the point of Christmas is, it can be a good time to buy those products you’ve been meaning to get your pet for a while. A variety of stores now offer pet present suggestions which can be gimmicky or useful. We’ve curated a selection of gifts that cater for both styles in the present giving.

christmas gifts for pets 2015

  1. Keep your pet cool with FrostyBowlz Freezer Activated Chill Bowl. It’s simple to use, just freeze the non-toxic FrostyCore, then put the sanitary and chew-proof bowl over the top. It also comes with a non-slip stainless steel base that doubles as an ant barrier; just add water to keep them out of your pet’s food and your home. The bowl can also be used without the chilled insert for year-round versatility.It’s easy to see why this product is the winner of both the Dog Fancy and the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Prize. FrostyBowlz Freezer Activated Chilled Pet Bowl is a cutting-edge design sure to keep both you and your pet happy!FrostyBowl Freezer Activated Water Bowl
  2. If you dog loves to fetch a ball, they will love the Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Toy. Sure you could just throw the tennis ball yourself, but after a few throws, that arm can start to get tired.The K9 Kannon shoots up to an incredible 75 feet, ensuring your dog gets a good run after the ball. Plus, you get to feel like an action hero when wielding the K9 Kannon – the most badass ball-launcher in the entire dog park!K-9 Kannon Tennis Launcher
  3. A Dog Rope Ball Toy in the Christmas shade of red is always a great gift idea if your dog has destroyed all previous toys. Or they smell rank with dog slobber.

Dog rope ball Christmas Gift4. A squeaky Giraffe toy is also another cute gift for your pet, providing you don’t mind the squeaking.

Giraffe Gift for Dog

5. Sensitive Shampoo in a festive scent will keep your pet smelling sweet through the holiday season.

sensitive shampoo christmas gift for pets

6. This Automatic Pet Feeder will ensure you pet has access to food if you are out all day visiting family on Christmas Day. This 6 compartment Pet Feeder ensures they are always fed at the right time so you never have to worry if they are going hungry when you aren’t at home.

Manage your pet’s diet by setting the timer in advance before you leave. Always have the right amount of food for them. You can even record your own voice so they know its feeding time, or record your voice to call to them! Compact design and extremely easy to use with removable dish tray for easy cleaning. Unit comes with built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicator. Unit operates on 4 x C batteries (not included).

automatic feeder Christmas present for pets

7. A retractable dog lead makes walking your pet a breeze. In a stylish design, you will love using this device and your dog will love the freedom it can give.

pet gifts for christmas

8. This Peter Alexander Leopard Print Dog Bow Tie is completely gimmicky, but oh so cute. You can’t help but smile when your dog accessorises with this collar. bow tie christmas gift


9. To really get into the Christmas spirit, why not gift your pet an LED flashing light safety collar? Perfect for those night time walks, so you and your dog can see where you’re going.

LED dog collar pet christmas gifts

Do you buy gifts for your pet at Christmas? What do you usually buy?

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