Choosing A Name for Your Puppy

Congratulations. You have chosen to get a puppy, the fur-baby that makes a house a home. Have you thought about names? It’s hard choosing a name for  your puppy because there are many factors involved in choosing the RIGHT name. Here are some tips that will help you.

1. Firstly, there is no need to rush into a decision. If you haven’t met your new fur-baby yet, you may need to meet them before deciding on a name. Their appearance and early personality may bring to mind a suitable name

2. If you have a purebred puppy, looking at the family tree may help. Remember, you may need to call the name in public so keep it short, and clean.

3. Keep your puppy’s name to one or two syllables.

4. Ensure the name is both puppy and adult dog suitable. Cute puppy names can become tiresome when a dog reaches maturity.

5. When choosing a name for your puppy have several preferences you can ‘try out’ when you get the puppy to see how it ‘fits’ them. We changed our pure white bull terrier x kelpie puppy’s name from ‘Lola’ to ‘Chloe’ within 24hrs.

6. DON’T select a name that sounds like someone else in your family. DON’T select a name that sounds like an obedience command – stop, sit, stay, come, down, etc – as your puppy will become confused.

7. Involve the family in choosing a name for your puppy and brainstorm ideas. You may come up with an unusual name that everyone loves.

Our Staffie was named ‘Miss Piggy’ and it suited her perfectly. Friends named their Labrador ‘Miss Tompkins’ and she seemed a bit regal…as much as Labradors can be. Other names our friends have called their dogs include Lulu (miniature fox terrier), Rupert (jack russell), Roxie (staffie X terrier), Boris (boxer), Margot (bassett hound), Stan (spoodle), Gus (staffie), Pepper (kelpie X), Nutmeg (pekinese), Brooke (greyhound), Sally (kelpie), Diesel (boston terrier X), Patsy (pug), Sakura (akita), Moe – Master of Evil (staffie) and my Hungarian Viszla was Shelby (after the Mustang).

It can be quite a task choosing a name for your puppy so check out as they have a huge variety of names from around the world. You can vote for favourites and add your own too.

Good luck, and happy parenting of your new fur-baby.

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