Fun and Unique Pet Toys

Our furry friends enjoy being stimulated as much as we do. So don’t risk them chewing your favourite stilettos, using the sofa as a scratching post or ripping up garden irrigation; provide them with fun and unique pet toys instead.

There are now pet toys for play and stimulation as well as comfort so I wanted to find a variety suitable for different pets and their needs. Animals are intelligent and love to play games. For dogs it usually involves food and cats like to mimic catching prey.

Dogs instinctively like the challenge of hunting and seeking hidden food so interactive games stimulate their natural instincts.
Treat Triad game, Paw Flapper game & Jigsaw game

Stimulating environments and food puzzles encourage animals to investigate and interact with their surroundings. These puzzles encourage them to ‘forage’ for food in ways that come naturally to them in the wild.

Treat Triad $24.95. Paw Flapper $20.95 and Jigsaw Game $20.05. Buy Now or see other interactive pet toys.
Eggs Baby Alligator, Eggs Baby Platypus and Gecko Squeaker Toys

For dogs who love to seek and destroy, these games will keep them occupied as they learn to remove sqeakin’ eggs that fit inside the toy’s body. Pets learn to remove them without destroying the toy. Dogs also love squeaker toys altho they become bored when the squeaker stops. Even if punctured, the patent-pending squeakers in the Gecko’s keep squeaking.

Egg Babies Alligator and Platypus $23.95 each. Hedgehog also available. Gecko Toys (4) $19.95. Buy Now.
Wave balls, Rogz RFO Throw Toy and Flying Discs

Throw, splash, float, tug – dogs love chasing balls, splashing about in water and playing tug-o-war so you need sturdy pet toys that will go the distance. Wave Balls are great for the beach or park, made from soft yet robust rubber your dog will love. The Rogz RFO throw toy is a soft-safe toy so mo more bleeding gums. And it floats. The Flying Disc is ideal for tug-o-war and retrieval games. It’s soft, flexible and wear resistant.

Wave Ball $21.95, Rogz RFO $22.95 SAVE $5.05, Flying Discs $20.95. Buy Now or see other playful pet toys.
Cat & Dog IQ Boards $19.95 each

Intelligent and inquisitive, both cats and dogs benefit from challenging games that stimulate their brains. These IQ boards provide places to hide treats for your cat or dog to find. After a little practice your pet will be able to move the pieces with its nose or paws, to open the compartments and reap the rewards. Buy Now.
Cat Interactive Pinball Toy $30.95

Actually this is great for cats AND kids because the pieces can be put together in different ways. So your child can play with your cat and they can have fun together. Neither will be bored as they try to catch the ball as it rolls through the course. You can buy more than one set and connect the pieces into a bigger toy. Buy Now.
Cat Goody Body Toy $13.95 and Cat Tunnel $17.95

If you need some extra stimulation for your cat or dog then the Goody Body makes your pet work harder for snacks. Different from rolling a ball, the shape of the Goody Body makes getting a treat more challenging, and fun. You know how pets like to burrow under blankets? The cat tunnel is a fun way to play with your pet (dogs can use it too) and keep them stimulated. Buy Now or see other pet toys for cats and dogs.
More stimulation with the FroliCat POUNCE and CatAction MagnetiCat

I think I wish I was a cat, with these two fun games.

The CatAction MagnetiCat is a mesmerizing magnetic motion toy your cat will find fascinating. The magnetic field keeps the toy in motion. There are no motors, therefore no batteries are required just a little nudge from your cat to get it started, then the magnet takes over. It has a simple snap and play assembly, with a sturdy moulded plastic base and is attached to a steel cat pole with a durable woven play line. $29.95.

PetSafe FroliCat POUNCE Interactive Toy is a rotating hide-and-seek cat teaser. Marshal Maus™ moves unpredictably around the circular path zooming forward, reversing direction, hiding under obstacles and occasionally twitching back and forth to stimulate your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, chase, and pounce on his prey! $49.95 Both  now available from Direct Deals.
Cat scratching posts – the Palace IV SAVE $43.05 NOW $165.95 and the Chateau SAVE $22.00 NOW $305

Save the furniture, invest in a scratching pots for your cat – you know they’re going to do it anyway! SAVE now on the Palace IV scratching ‘mansion’ and indulgent Chateau – Buy Now.
Giant 244cm cat tree $136.95, Multi-level cat tree with barrel $49.95 or the Multi-Level Deluxe 117cm cat tree $89.95

Or go for something slightly less keeping-up-with-the-joneses and just as smart with these other scratch ‘n play options. Giant 244cm cat tree $136.95, Multi-level cat tree with barrel $49.95 or the Multi-Level Deluxe 117cm cat tree $89.95. Buy Now or see other cat scratchers.
Rope Mat, Dummy Launch and Clipper Ladder

And I haven’t forgotten about our feathered friends either. They like to play and be entertained as much as the next pet. Here are three options all made from natural products including rope, 10% cotton, coconut shell and seagrass using natural timber and natural vegetable dyes.

Rope Mat SAVE $2.00 NOW $18.95, Dummy Launch SAVE $2.00 NOW $11.95, Seagrass Clipper Ladder SAVE $3.00 NOW $12.95. Buy Now or see other pet toys for birds.

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